The Best Fitness Apps This Year To Download ASAP

Working out can be such a struggle. Getting off the couch seems like such an unappetizing option when you have popcorn and chocolate and a heated blanket to the sweet hum of reality TV… but if you just get off Instagram and download one of these apps and you’re already halfway to the six-pack of your dreams. These fitness apps make it way easier to be healthy.



1. Blogilates
Cassey Ho is a Youtube workout star is the key to your bikini body this summer. Not only will you learn some killer pilates moves, but she provides you with videos of healthy and tasty recipes, as well as follow an easily formatted monthly workout calendar.

2. Carrot Fit
Carrot Fit injects a dose of humor into your workout, and has been featured by the NY Times, CNN and more. It has a 7 minute workout called “7 Minutes in Hell”. Enjoy over three hours of tips, motivation, and ridicule – with useful weight loss graph.

3. Charity Miles
Add some nobility to your workout – with this app, you can earn corporate sponsorships for charities whether you’re biking, running, or just walking. All you need to do is choose a charity and hit the road – Charity Miles will track the miles and help you earn money towards your charity. It’s all about purpose, people.

4. Yoga Wake Up
For the more zen-oriented, this yoga app will be everything. Yoga Wake Up offers on-demand yoga, meditation sequences, and stretching guides. You can use it as your alarm clock, and learn how to properly focus on breathing and gain a spiritual mindset.

5. Fitocracy
Personalize the experience and work with expert trainers who can help you reach the goals you need. Men’s Journal and Mashable praise Fitocracy, which connects you to a community of other fitness-oriented people, and offers a ton of free workouts.

6. Sworkit
The premium version of this app is perfect for those with sports injuries, and has exclusive low impact exercises for both older individuals, and beginnings. You can set a custom exercise interval, and the “Ask a Trainer” feature is a helpful interactive feature.

7. Cyclemeter GPS
Bikers, get excited! This is the most advanced app for cyclists designed for a phone. A plethora of maps, splits, graphs, laps, zones, and more record a wealth of data yet is very user-friendly. You can see your workouts on a calendar and sort by route and activity, as well as summarizing and analyzing that data.
Cylcing with Cyclemeter

8. Fitbit
You may have heard this word thrown around, and it’s for a reason. This is the worlds leading app in tracking your all-day activity, sleep, workouts, and even more. Monitor your heart rate and log food and hydration intake – this versatile, all-encompassing app can seriously change your overall health.

9. Fit Radio Workout Music
For those who need to be inspired by DJ-curated music during their workout – FIT radio’s beats will be sure to pump you up. The app provides non-stop, high energy songs of a variety of genres, and has been dubbed the “Pandora for gym rats”.

10. Fitnet Personal Trainer
Who need a personal trainer harping on you at the gym when you can have one from the comfort of your phone? On this app, you can see real-time calorie burn, with an energy clock that shows super accurate calorie burn factoring sleep and exercise.