The Most Uniquely Gorgeous Nail Art Ever Created

Use these amazing designs for either nail inspiration for your next DIY manicure, or bring it to the next nail salon and get it professionally done. This is some major nail art for all tastes, whether minimal black and white is your style, a vividly detailed floral pattern, or a more playful design. Try them out or just use them as inspiration for your next nail adventure, but either way, these are some seriously intricate designs.



the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_01 These amazing nails are probably impossible to do yourself, but they make us want to spend an ungodly amount of money on a high-end manicurist to get it done. The level of detail in the black and white is so intricate, and makes you look like both a lady and a thug, which is the ultimate goal.



the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_02 Gradient nails have so many options – you can imitate a sunset, the ocean… they all make you think of relaxing in a tropical paradise. This turquoise ombre is subtle but still makes a statement, and there are plenty of tutorials on this type of manicure online.

the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_03 This look is playful and perfect for vacation and warmer months. With pineapples dancing around on your nails, what’s not to smile about?

the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_04 Nails for the ultimate badass – chains adorn this edgy girl manicure and we’re not sure if actual chains were glued on or if the artist can just draw some really impressive 3D art. We’re leaning towards actually chains, and though it seems the least functional, it’s definitely the coolest.



the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_05 Take your girly pretty in pink cravings to the next level. The different shades along with the addition to the bows and gold-bordered hearts make this manicure extra list-worthy. Just don’t touch anything ever if you want it to be this pristine forever.

the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_06 Those who are into black manicures will absolutely love this elegant design. Matte combines with a partial streak of crushed glitter glimmering across the surface. Perfect to dress up or dress down and pretty easy to accomplish.

the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_07 Turn your floral style into 50 Shades Of Grey with these bondage floral nails. Completed by nail artist Lady Crappo, we might have to go see her to get these super sick nails, because they look slightly impossible to do ourselves.



the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_08 These are cute and a great idea for younger girls who are looking for a fun design. Pay homage to your favorite movie screen cuties by adorning your fingernails with their adorable faces.

the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_09 These yummy candy nails make us hungry! The minimal one nail design is chic and stands out against the chosen nail – you might have to be pretty careful though, and re-applying might be a mess. But well worth it.

the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_10 If colorful manicures aren’t really your thing, you’ll adore this minimal black and white cutout piece of art. The shapes are abstract and the nails aren’t totally filled in, and one is even matte. With some patience and creativity, you too can get the look.



the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_11 These floral nails don’t look corny at all – they almost look like stained glass mosaics, with intense detailing dotting the surface. So pretty.

the_most_uniquely_gorgeous_nail_art_ever_created_12 Galaxy nail take you to a spaced out place far away with their cool detailing that looks super complex. Play around with different blue and purple blends to create some far out looks.