Things You Should Avoid Doing To Long Hair At All Costs

Commercials and supermarkets sell us hair products for their own agenda, not for the health of our hair. So it’s important for us to take that into our own hands, and understand the factors that can really wreck our hair, and minimize that damage as much as possible. You’re probably making these mistakes on a daily basis – here’s what you need to cut out of your routine in order to maximize the health and shine of your locks.



1. Don’t brush wet hair. Use a device that dries quicker – instead of saving minutes by brushing your long hair into an updo – use a super-dryer with a cool temperature that will minimize damage. Otherwise, brushing wet hair will break your hair and damage it intensely.


2. Don’t use harsh dyes – black to blond or vice versa is actually way more horrible for your hair and can cause permanent damage. Use natural die or semi-permanent dye which is less harsh and will fade more quickly.

3. Don’t use conditioner with parabens, dyes, and sulfates. The cheaper a conditioner is, or the nicer is smells, the worst it probably is for you. These things are essentially like putting laundry dye in your hair – and is really bad for it.


4. Don’t use a ton of store-bought conditioner which will make it oily – use an intensely moisturizing conditioner with ingredient like castor oil. This will encourage growth.

5. Don’t sleep on a cotton pillowcase. Satin pillowcase prevents the dryness and frizz that cotton perpetuates. Satin allows hair shaft to rest happily on the fabric and keep your hair healthy.


6. Don’t use the wrong hair tie or rubber band. Use snag-free elastics without metal connectors. Also, try to avoid ponytails that pull your hair back too tightly which can stretch and break the hair shaft.


7. Not using conditioner at all! If you have thin or oily hair, you might be scared to use conditioner, but finding a lightweight one is the key, as conditioner is vital for increasing growth and adding shine, as well as taking care of your hair internally.

8. Don’t go to the salon for trims. Invest in a pair of professional scissors and trim your own – it will speed up the growing process. if you’re afraid that your stylist might lop a couple of inches too short, these scissors will be your new best friend


9. If you go to a swimming pool, be sure to wash the chlorine out of you hair ASAP/ or douse your hair in the shower before you hit the pool because it will help slow the chlorine absorption. you can also get a specialty shampoo that will help get rid of chlorine in your hair.

10. Don’t use a ton of hairspray. Damaging freezing effect, make hair crunchy and very delicate, therefore dry and easy to break.


11. Don’t wash it every day! Skipping daily shampoo is vital – over washing can strip your hair of important natural oils that it needs. Stick with gentle washes, and only a couple of times a week.


12. Don’t rip out tangles from your hair! Ripping them with a brush or your fingers can really damage your hair. A gradual upward movement is the best way to go, since working from the end makes it easier to comb out baby tangles before they evoke into big monster tangles.

13. Don’t over-brush. 100 strokes a night does not make for a healthy, shining head of hair. Use your fingers more. If you do a comb-through in the morning, the natural oils from your head that accumulate overnight will be more present, and moisturize your hair naturally.


14. Don’t use a ton of heat with curlers or straighteners, or blow dryers. Try to keep the heat on low, and keep the heated hairstyles to a minimum.