‘Unicorn Horn’ Braids Are A Magical But Crazy New Hair Trend

There have been a bunch of bizarre trends to go viral this year, from rainbow-colored armpit hair, to men putting glitter in their beards, and spending what we can only imagine as weeks trying to get the shine out of their facial hair. But this trend might take the cake – girls are twisting up the front part of their hair to create a protruding cone that resembles a unicorn horn, and it’s setting social media on fire.



We can all have a chanced to be a unicorn with this weirdly magical and gravity-defying trend.
Girls have started to braid the front of their hair so it sticks out, and somehow, we’re digging the look. It has really elevated this year’s trend of rainbow unicorn hair to another, more literal level.
unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-01 unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-06

It pretty much makes you look like My Little Pony, aka all your childhood dreams come true. If you’re not into dying your hair the colors of the rainbow, it’s possible to do the braid without dying it funky colors, as proven by this goddess. But it’s worth noting, this trend really shines with pastel-colored hair.

Well, if you want to take fairytale vibes to the next level. Embrace these strange but majestic horns, with the key goal making it look like a towering cone or spear of hair is growing out of your forehead. In the most princess-chic way, of course.

The whimsical style involves people braiding their hair into a horn-like shape, as well as coloring it in a variety of different shades, like cotton candy pinks, various ombres, and soft rainbow shades. Add extensions to your hair before you start if you really want to take this fairy-tale hairstyle to new heights. You’re lucky if you have naturally long locks. If you want a shorter, cuter horn, short hair will do.
unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-04 unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-05

This probably isn’t a good look to try out at work, and people near you at concerts might hate you – but for that magical social putting that it isn’t inappropriate to wear, revel in the glory of the unicorn horn braid. Grown-ups are boring, so wear this to your next party if you truly don’t give a s**t what other people will think. We think it looks awesome.
unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-11 unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-12

The way to start is by taking the front section of your hair and making a ponytail like you normally would, but instead of pulling the pony the whole way through, you leave it at the half-way point, which creates a loop of hair.
unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-09 unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-10

Then wrap the rest of the hair in the pony around the loop, fashioning it into a cone shape. Pin it in place, and pull at the top a bit to make the cone larger. Then apply hairspray to keep the horn standing tall. A lot of hair spray.
unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-07 unicorn-horn-braids-are-a-magical-but-crazy-new-hair-trend-08

If those instructions were hard to follow, luckily an incredibly creative beauty blogger is there to help use out, and her video will definitely consume your entire Saturday afternoon with trying to accomplish this rare braid. The video actually starts with Venus teaching a makeup lesson – but the vital hair horn makes an appearance at 9:23, so feel free to skip ahead to that point.
How-to video: