What Does Your Hair Color Says About Your Personality?

More often that we think, people judge one another first, by their appearance. Body shape, face type, hair color, make -up and clothing style. All this determines certain personality types in people’s heads. And yes, we are all sick of those annoying generalizations about the color of our hair, something like “blondes are light-headed but fun, brunettes are smart and serious and gingers have a hot temper, glamorous …and soulless, etc.. But these popular associations give a very limited insight on what our hair color may actually say about our character. It is not hard to follow a tendency having friends with different hair colors. But there are some interesting things you might didn’t know about dependency between hair color and personality. Are you ready?

Brunettes. We got used to think girls with dark hair colors are usually intelligent, classy and also steady and reliable. Yep, there’s an element of truth in stereotypes, girls with dark hair colors are more likely to stay in long-term relationships, and moreover, men prefer to marry brunettes over women with other hair colors. But it doesn’t mean that brunettes are boring! Many girls with dark hair may move you to laughter in just a few minutes! Still, many women who prefer to paint their color dark, subconsciously pursue the aim of becoming more confident. And it really works.

Redheads. Red is linked with passion. These girls seem always to be mysterious in my estimation. Redheads are often described as passionable, confident people with high self-esteem. They are very impulsive people, especially women. And therefore, people with red hair have a more active sex life unlike brunettes or blondes. These girls just need to be seen and noticed. So their energy never ever ends making redheads stand out from the crowd, anywhere, anytime.

Blondes.There are some serious stereotypical links between blond hair and scarce intelligence assets. But what year – what century is it? It’s really time to forget about these silly delusions and look at women with blond hair from another angle. I personally know many blondes who are smart, interesting and well-read, but also fun. Blondes are usually very outgoing and it’s not hard for them to make new friends. So having a blonde friend is a must do! You will never feel bored. Men prefer blonde haired women because of their lightness and positive thinking.

Fortunately if you were born with a certain color it doesn’t mean it fits you best and you should stick with it. We all have an opportunity to choose one that fits our attitude and makes us feel better – or at least “different” for a while. So break stereotypes and express yourself no matter what color your hair is! Life is too short not to experiment.