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7 Gorgeous Movies That Won an Oscar for Best Costume Design

Movies that win Oscars for costume design usually have a very specific style, and while sometimes Oscars are given for making the most realistic and historically-correct costumes for the time period, other times the costumes have absolutely no base in history and deserve an Oscar based on attention to detail and creativity that went into the costume design as part of world-building of the movie.

Top 10 Elizabeth Taylor Performances

The gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor was known for many things – her brows, her attention-catching violet eyes, and of course, her charming acting. Starting at the tender age of 12, Taylor became Hollywood’s brightest star in no time at all, best Elizabeth Taylor performances that we’re looking back on in 2020.

7 Beloved Movies That Would Be Problematic Today

When we look back on our favorite movies, there are lots of good memories, but we tend to block out the problematic aspects. Many films have a prejudiced or problematic aspect to them which was ok back in the day, but would never be considered politically correct in 2020.

11 Body Positive Celebrities Who Inspire Us

As we endlessly scroll through unrealistic body standards and Photoshopped fitness influencers, it can be really easy to get down on yourself and judge your own body. But instead of doing this, we should be empowering each other and celebrating all the differences between our bodies, not judging them. Fortunately, a handful of body-positive celebrities are here to reassure us that we’re beautiful just the way we are.