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Everything to Know About Eyebrow Waxing at Home

With so many salons being closed, women all over are being forced to deal with their untamed, wild brows alone at home. This might seem especially intimidating if you like a more complex brow shape, or if you religiously go to a salon to get your brows waxed. Here are our favorite eyebrow waxing tips of all time to save you from that unibrow.

This Is How You Make That Trendy Dalgona Coffee At Home

Dalgona coffee is taking over the internet and the world. This new frothy coffee-based beverage is all over social media. There are countless photos of it on Instagram, people are doing all sorts of variations of it on Youtube, but we’re pretty sure TikTok is the platform where this madness started.

Must-Know Facts About BB Cream

The world of makeup can be very confusing, just the sheer amount of products can be overwhelming, but then when you sort them into categories there’s still a mystery why there are many things that seem to do the same thing.

Quarantine Pillow Challenge

It’s day who knows what of quarantine, honestly we’ve lost count. Some of us have started learning TikTok dances, some have taken on 30 days of yoga no Youtube to calm our mind and stretch our bodies, and Instagram has us doing possibly the most hilarious challenge of all — the pillow dress challenge.

9 Ways to Make Salads That You’re Excited to Eat

Salad is probably the last thing on everyone’s mind during this period of social distancing, but getting your nutrients is important in keeping your system strong. Eating healthy is also beneficial for mental health – make your day more positive with one of these salads, comprised of unexpected ingredients that will leave your mouth watering.

6 Male Celebs With The Most Unique Style

With the pressure that comes with being in the spotlight as a Hollywood star, these male celebs are proof that with the right fashion sense, charm and appeal, pressure definitely creates diamonds. As trendsetters for Hollywood and fans alike, these men are breaking rules and pushing the envelope of what is considered fashion forward and stylish menswear.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Before They Were Royals

It’s easy to see Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as these untouchable Royal creatures of beauty, but not too long ago, they were just like us. Their relationship has always been somewhat of an enigma, but as they were both regular people before they married into the Royal family, they might have more in common than they think. Here are reminders that the Royal ladies used to be just like us, and at the core, probably still are.