10 Incredibly Weird Fitness Trends You Will Either Love Or Hate

While millions of people go to the gym every week and some even do it more often than that, the majority of us don’t like to get all sweaty for the ephemeral possibility of getting a six-pack someday (we’re not talking brewskies here!). Why go to a special place where you will feel miserable while running on a treadmill like a hamster in a wheel or lifting heavy things over and over again? This seems like pure torture, but fitness gurus have come to the rescue of those of you who want to have fun while getting in shape. You can dance, jump, go crazy in a pool, and even do yoga with your dog! The possibilities are endless, and with new fitness trends like these everyone will ditch the gym and start having real fun. Here are 11 crazy ways to shed those extra pounds.



Aqua Zumba
Zumba is not a new thing – many of you have already tried the crazy, rhythmic, Latin-inspired dance workout that leaves you all drained, sweaty and totally happy. Yet there is more to Zumba than meets the eye. How about trying doing it all in a pool filled with cool water? You’ll definitely love it! Water adds some extra resistance and your body will become lean and gorgeous in no time.



Mermaid Classes
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Because now you can! If swimming like the usual human being isn’t enough for you, try doing it like a mermaid with an actual tail that will help you move. It’s easier said than done! Becoming a mermaid requires some learning and quite a few exercises that will teach you how to move properly, but once you get the hang of it – it becomes pure pleasure!

Cycle Karaoke
Spinning was introduced years ago and many people recognized it as the best way to both have fun and cycle your way to a new strong body. Spinning involves a stationary bike and some upbeat music. Training usually follows the beat and you can end up cycling like a maniac to some crazy rhythm! But right now some spinning classes are introducing a new way to work with music – they cycle while trying to sing karaoke. It may seem nearly impossible, but this exercise actually helps learn breath control and even if you struggle a bit, it’s really fun watching other people sing!



Fit to Fly
If you want to learn how to fly in a very Cirque du Soleil way, then Reebok’s Fit to Fly program is something that will keep you busy for months, if not years. Developed in collaboration with actual Cirque du Soleil acrobats, Fit to Fly presents workouts that were heavily inspired by circus. You’ll get to do all sorts if insane jumps and flips, soar from one trapeze to the next, and fly as much as you like. The only drawback to all this gorgeousness is that you can enjoy Fit to Fly only in a specially equipped Reebok gyms.

Did you know that trampolining has recently become an official Olympic sport? That’s right, now people will be jumping to win medals! If that sounds cool to you, wait till you try trampolining yourself. We’ve all done it when we were kids, but we rarely get to enjoy this kind of sport once we grow up. Fitness gurus believe that trampolining strengthens your body, especially leg muscles, and can do wonders to you core. Depending on what moves you utilize while jumping, you can train other muscles as well.



Remember how you used to crawl back when you were just a kid? Well, it appears that was the ideal exercise that helped strengthen your whole body, a fundamental movement that can get us into amazing shape years later. We spend our days doing unnatural movements – sitting all the time and doing not nearly enough walking. Crawling is what brings us back to the basics. Our body will remember how it was meant to be used, in the first place, and all the muscles will be trained the best way possible.

Kangoo Jumps
Think kangaroos are fit and healthy? Then how about jumping like one? In order to do so you will use special Kangoo Jump shoes that will turn your jumping into a fun and challenging exercise. It will become easier to jump wearing these shoes, but you will also be more unstable. This will force you to use more muscles to regain stability, thus, creating a one of a kind workout. These jumping shoes can be used during all kinds of exercises and movements, adding an extra spring to you step.

Meet one of the craziest fitness mixes of the decade – Boxerina! As you can understand from its name, this type of workout takes the best from ballet and boxing, and creates something utterly new. Does this work? You bet! Boxing may seem like an aggressive type of sport, but it is often referred to as ‘dancing’, and one has to be very agile and precise in his movements to become a good boxer. Boxing incorporates a sort of gracefulness that lets boxers flow through punches, while ballet requires stamina and powerful movements that relate to boxing as well. It’s a marriage made in heaven!



Laughter Yoga
Not only does laughing make us live longer, but it is also one of the best workouts for your belly! If you’ve spend more than just a few minutes laughing with your friends over a hilarious joke or video, you know what we are talking about. Laughing improves your mental health and does wonders to your core muscles as well. So what about yoga combined with laughter? During such classes all participants are encouraged to laugh as much as possible during each pose they take. It becomes more challenging to concentrate on the poses, more muscles get active, and the mood gets better and better with each minute of such lesson. It’s a real wonder!

Skateboarding Pilates
Hybrid fitness workouts seem to be in trend lately, so no wonder that the new Skateboarding Pilates is becoming one of the world’s favorites. Usually Pilates involves using a Reformer, a special machine that was built specifically for Pilates exercises, but these things are quite expensive and are rarely used unless you hit a gym where you can find one. Luckily for us, some fitness genius figured out we could use a skateboard instead! The movement of the skateboard provides additional intensity during the exercises that involve lunges, bridges, planks, and whatnot. It’s a universal tool that can be used in a variety of fun ways!