12 Hacks To Make Thin Hair Look Stunningly Thick

Having naturally thin or fine hair can be a bummer, at times. Sometimes, you love having a pin-straight, low-maintenance style. But sometimes, you wish you could fatten up those strands, or at least create the illusion, and stop suffering from oily, limp hair problems. Don’t fret, thin-haired damsels! There are some secret thickening hacks out there to make your locks look way more voluminous, and we’re here to share.



1. Avoid shampoos and conditioner with sulfates. Some cheaper drugstore products contain detergents, alcohol, and other yucky ingredients which gives shampoo that nice lather feel, but is actually ruining your hair. Stay damage free with a sulfate and paraben-free option.



2. Use colored hair powder to hide parts of your scalp that you’re worried will peek through! Colored dry shampoo works just as well, and may even add more texture and volume to thin hair. It’s temporary, damage-free, and creates the perfect illusion for fuller hair. You can also dust the appropriate shade of eye shadow.

3. Use dry shampoo! Even if hair is clean, dry shampoo will add a natural boost and sexy volume to thin hair. You can even get colored dry shampoo to double whammy that thin hair and those visible roots.



4. Stay away from long haircuts. Even if you’re super attached to your mane, since it’s thin, it’s less luscious and more prone to that oily look that isn’t so cute on longer hair. Shorter, layered cuts will help your ‘do look thicker and create the volume illusion that you need.

5. Ever seen girls with long, fat braids that you’re jealous of? You can make your own macro braids instead of sad, wispy ones by using the “pancake” technique on braids. You pull each part of the braid and loosen it so it’s a more relaxed boho look that also makes the braid look twice as thick!



6. Try to air dry, and if you must use a blow-dryer, use a diffuser, and blow upside down to maximize volume at the roots. Blow drying on high can cause split ends and actually make your hair flatter rather than voluminous, which you might think a blow-out would do. Stay gentle and the volume will come your way.

7. Mousse is actually your best friend! Comb it through damp hair so not crunchy (never use it on dry or apply clumps) and use a natural brand that is also volumizing to avoid that hard feeling. It will fatten up your strands and make your hair less prone to that flat look while it dries.

8. Sneak in hair clips and bobby pins to your pony tail for an up-do with immediate added volume. You can do this by separating a pony in half, placing the clip inside, and covering with more hair for a more elegant ponytail take on the bump-it.



9. Stop putting conditioner on your roots. You might think conditioner will nourish your hair, hence plumping it up, but in reality, it’s weighing it down! You can remedy this by avoiding the roots when you condition, and only conditioning the lower 3/4 of your hair.

10. Try for the overnight effect. If sleeping with wet hair isn’t an issue for you, wash your hair before bed and add in volumizing gel when it’s damp. Then, twist it in but over your hair (put on a cap or beanie to avoid frizz). In the morning, blow dry it – first in the bun for a couple of minutes to hold the bounce, then taking it down and drying the rest – hair will look immediately thicker and bouncer than usual.

11. Make sure you’re buying the right brush. The larger and rounder the brush, the flatter your hair will go, and the smaller and rounder the brush, the more wave and volume your hair will experience. Smaller is better, in some cases!



12. Always opt for wavier, curlier styles instead of straight hair, even if it’s what’s usually your comfort zone. Curls will always make your mane more inspiring – you can get this effect by curling it, and scrunching damp hair with a curl-enhancing product, from the bottom up.

13. Part your hair on the opposite side. It will give that “sex hair” effect, and that extra wave of volume from the unexpected flip of direction will make your roots stand up straight, flushing life into them like brand new.