12 Reasons You Need To Be Rocking Rose Gold Makeup

Rose gold makeup is an elegant but edgy new trend that’s easy for anyone to pull off, and it’s taking over 2016. The flattering semi-neutral, metallic shade lies in a gray area of the makeup world (in the best way possible), allowing a ton of different skin types to rock it with ease. See reasons why you can pull off the hot beauty trend yourself, and need to be rocking it ASAP.



1. It looks feminine but edgy. This gives something to the pretty-in-pink girls, along with the boho rocker chicks. The look can go hard or soft.



2. It makes for the perfect day to night transition, due to its subtly and range of glows, from pink to fiercely gold. No longer do you have to carry a gloss, and a darker shade for night. Nope, this elegant look will take you through the whole day.

3. If you’re looking to go metal, but you’re still a little shy about the bold look, rose gold is a great way to transition. A trend to turn makeup newbies into confident goddesses.

4. It looks great on every skin tone, even if you’re quite pale, it adds an ethereal glow to the face – a dimension like bronzer can, but way more subtly.



5. It doubles as makeup and as a highlighter – multifunctional products make us swoon, and our wallets too.

6. If you’re someone that likes to wear neutrals, or rock brighter patterns, this shade is super versatile. Wear it with a bold animal print or all black, and you’ll still get compliments.

7. Because rose gold matte lipstick will make you look cooler than Kylie, and even all the non-makeup wearing gals can lay around with this look.



8. Because a rose gold smoky eye is a lot less dramatic and scary than a charcoal one, and will make you look like the most damn delicate fairy to ever live.

9. Because rose gold manicures are unbeatable. That copper shine, once the sun hits it, will have everyone looking over at your nails. Other metallic shades can come off immature, but this understated look will make your talons shine like no other.

10. There are so many shades and possibilities – this can make rose gold super flattering for warmer and cooler skin tones. The gold and pinky tones will still make your face look like a beautiful sunset.



11. They can make your lips look like va-va-voom Angelina Jolie lips by using the shade to accentuate your cupids bow and give you an irresistible pout. Plus, the option of a neutral shade can really help you fake it and give that natural glow.

12. Because when you wear it with gold rose jewelry, you are a monochromatic, bronze goddess that has managed to match her makeup and jewelry without looking like a garish drag queen, or something form the 1980’s.