12 Remarkable Tattoos For Each Zodiac Sign (And How To Choose Them!)

Astrology supplies us with knowledge on relationships, food habits, sleep patterns, and many other things, so why not look for inspiration in Zodiac signs when making a tattoo? Tattoo trends come and go as quickly as fashion does, so it’s meaningless to base your tattoo on something that gets outdated in a few months. Tattoos need to have a deep connection with your spiritual views as well as your personality. This is where Astrology comes in handy as it can help you understand yourself better and choose a tattoo accordingly. Here are 12 remarkable tattoos for each Zodiac sign.



Aries: roses and elegant flowers
Aries ladies have simple, friendly auras that make them amazing easy-to-be-around partners, but they are quite dynamic and confident as well. They aren’t bossy and are very gentle with the people they like – that’s why flower tattoos suit them best!



Taurus: crescent moon
Taurus ladies are generally considered to be patient, down-to-earth, persistent, yet generous. A symbol of a moon is an ideal fit for these feminine women who are both independent and reliable at the same time. Place a gentle moon crescent on the nape and wear it out open or cover it up if you want it to remain a secret – the nape is an ideal place to put a tattoo that is not too obvious, but is still visible if you know where to look.

Gemini: leaves and abstract designs
Gemini women are the most easy-going and versatile out of all the signs. They are witty, eloquent, and can adapt to any situation or person they meet during the day. The chatty and amicable character of Gemini can be symbolized by a stem of leaves or something that embodies versatility. It can be any design that reminds you of just how unique you are!



Cancer: creative tattoos
Cancer ladies never run out of creative ideas and ways of revealing them to the world. Some might say they are all over the place, and they might be right. Cancer women can be quite moody and pessimistic, but they also have a loving and caring side. Tattoos are just another way to let that Cancer creativity shine through. You will start with one small ink, and before you know it, your whole body will be covered in something remarkable. The rules of tattoos don’t really apply to Cancers, so you can run wild and come up with tattoos you really like.

Leo: nature-related designs
Warm-hearted Leo ladies are very enthusiastic about life and nature. You’ve probably noticed that undying urge to venture into the wild or go on some trip outdoors, however small. A simple ink that is connected with nature, its rivers and mountains is what suits Leo women best. If you still haven’t tried the nomadic lifestyle – it’s never too late! Start with a tattoo and then go on the most exciting adventure of your life.



Virgo: simple lines
Virgo ladies adore simplicity, but it often comes at a cost. That’s why they often come off as perfectionists – trying to do everything the best way possible. For Virgo women it’s best to go with simple outlines of literally anything. Tattoos like this look elegant and simple, they speak about the open-mindedness of a person wearing outlines and they look quite stylish as well.

Libra: bold and brave designs
Libra ladies have really perfected the art of being charming. You might not feel that you’re using those skills yet, but you actually are. Charm comes effortlessly to Libra women, so when they think about what tattoo to get – they shouldn’t think too hard. The first thing that will come to your mind will probably be your best choice! You can get as bold as you want because that’s where your personality is taking you.



Scorpio: wolf motifs
Scorpio ladies are a mix of all things unknown and mysterious. Compulsive by nature, they are also very intuitive and go where that intuition takes them. This means that Scorpios are always full of surprises – you never know what to expect from them! Wolf is a great tattoo idea for Scorpio women as wolves are just as misunderstood as they are. Complex in their nature, these animals are usually perceived as dangerous, although only a small amount of them would actually attack a human being (and only under special circumstances).

Sagittarius: elegant butterflies
Sagittarius women like to spend a lot of time at home, but this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun. They do! All you need is get to know them a little better. Then they will transform just like a butterfly! This gorgeous flyer is an ideal symbol for Sagittarius ladies as it is very flexible and you can come with various designs – from simple to very complex. You can get as creative as you want, experimenting with various patterns and colors.



Capricorn: words and quotes
Most people think that word tattoos aren’t cool enough and it’s best to go with a picture or an abstract design, but it isn’t quite true, at least not for everyone. Practical Capricorn women are pretty straightforward and ambitious, that’s why it is good for them to make a tattoo with a quote as a kind reminder about love, calm, and light in life – even the strongest of us need that some times.

Aquarius: watercolor
Aquarius women are creative, intellectual, and like simple beautiful things. They are great listeners and loyal friends. They usually have a knack for some kind of art, so a watercolor tattoo might be the best choice for them. These tattoos can be either simple in design or incredibly complex. But they are always colorful and that’s exactly what the personality of Aquarius requires.



Pisces: abstract line designs
Pisces women are kind and compassionate to the point of being selfless. They are sensitive human beings that love helping other people, that’s why most of the time they think about everyone, but themselves. Abstract line designs suit Pisces women the best as they symbolize selflessness and intuition. They can be matched with your partner’s tattoo or become gorgeous standalone art pieces. Either way, the possibilities are endless!