13 Festive Mexican Style Nail Designs

Whether you’re looking for a cool nail design to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or perhaps you’re just feeling extra patriotic, or maybe you’re traveling to Mexico and want to decorate your nails for the occasion – either way we’ve got some cool Mexico inspired nail designs you might want to try. Feel free to recreate some of these designs, or use them for inspiration and create a unique design of your own.



1. Spice up your life with some chili peppers. If you don’t have the stomach for it, you can always just paint them on your nails.



2. Do you like guacamole? Everyone loves it! So go ahead and paint a bunch of avocados on you nails. It’s not weird, it’s quirky!

3. Is there anything more Mexican then heart milagros? If you’re into it, go ahead and get yourself some milagros nail decals.

4. Want to channel some mexican vibes, yet look badass at the same time? Try these nails designs.



5.If it is Cinco de Mayo that you’re preparing for – consider these festive nails designs. Patriotic and fun at the same time!

6. Whether you’re the biggest Frida Kahlo fan, or you just appreciate art and like your nails to showcase that – this design is perfect for those purposes. Plus, it’s sure to become a conversation starter.

7.Mexican tiles have the coolest looking patterns. Why not use them for your nail art? Brilliant idea, am I right?



8. If you’re not that great at detailed nail art, but still want to have your nails look extra awesome, try doing a bunch of colorful patterns on all your nails and add an accent nail. So in this case all the patterns are kind of channeling a fiesta vibe and for the accent nail you can do a guy in a sombrero. Or a cat, cause that’s even cuter.

9.Feeling extra patriotic? Why not incorporate the Mexican flag into your nail art? That’s bound to send the message.

10. If you like variety and can’t choose just one thing, try incorporating all the things you associate with Mexico into your manicure. Each nail will be unique!



11.Symbolism is great, but you can always just go with Mexican style patterns. This will make your nails suitable for any occasion.

12.You know what else reminds people of Mexico? Cacti. That’s right, Mexico has lots of different cacti.



13. You can’t really talk about Mexican cacti and not think of tequila. And tequila makes me think of fiesta. So why not depict that on your nails? Tequila – it makes you happy!