15 Recent Trends You Either Love or Hate

New trends arise every day. Some are inspired by photoshoots, the world of fashion, celebrities, others just start on social media from creative ideas that people choose to share. These trends they come and go and some of them you love, some of them you hate, but you can’t ignore the fact that each and every one of these has been on you radar at one point in time. You probably saw them on social media, taking over the internet for a day, a week or even a month. You could’ve just scrolled past, or maybe even attempted your own take on some of these. They range from cute to crazy, so let’s take a look at 18 trends you either hated or loved this past year.



1. Unicorn Hair
I’m pretty sure it started with unicorn hair, but don’t quote me on this one. In my mind this is slightly more wearable and less “in your face” version of rainbow hair. It’s a cute idea and it looks adorable. If I were blonde, I’d jump onto this bandwagon in no time. However, some girls who tried it did complain that it’s a bit impractical, because it takes a lot of effort to color your hair this way and while the result is gorgeous it washes out pretty quickly. Then again, when have trends ever been super practical?



2. Unicorn Nails
While we’re on the topic of unicorns we gotta mention unicorn nails. I’m sure you’ve seen these on Instagram in multiple variations. But they all have 3 things in common – pastel nail polish, glitter and one or more nails that’s supposed to resemble unicorn’s horn.



3. Feathered Brows
This trend went viral a little while ago. You can find multiple takes on feathered brown on Instagram. There’s ones that involve glitter, ones that look like peacock feathers and the classic ones where you brush your brow hairs into a feather shape. However, you do need pretty bushy brows to begin with to achieve this look, so it might not be for everyone.

4. Barbed Wire and Dragon Brows
Once feathered brows took off there was no stopping. People got inspired and chose to create their own unique eyebrow looks like barbed wire eyebrows and dragon brows. I don’t know if you’d wear this on the daily basis, but it sure would go well at a themed party or a GOT themed photoshoot.



5. False Eyebrows
Not everyone is blessed with bushy brows that are so on trend these days. Some of us just naturally have thin brows, others (you know, not millennials) might still be trying to grow out their brows after plucking the hell out of them in the 90s. If you’re one of these people – don’t despair. False eyebrows exist. They’re like little eyebrow wigs for your face. It’s basically like false eyelashes, but for your brows.

6. Braided Eyebrows
Another fun trend that got a lot of attention is braided brows. Yes, you heard me right. Tiny neat little eyebrow braids. Are those real? Can eyebrows really be braided? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no. Those are hair extensions. But hey, it looks kinda interesting, doesn’t it?



7. Ear Makeup
If you love makeup a lot this trend will make you happy. Now you don’t have to limit your makeup just to your face, you can also apply it to your ears. Imagine how this can add to your makeup look. Now you have more space to be creative, whether you just want to color in your earlobe with a bright pop of color, do some ear contouring or perhaps let your creativity run wild and decorate the whole ear.



8. Lollipop lips
Apart from being unusual, this trend is also quite convenient for those who often smear their lipstick. Lollipop lips is a trend that’s all about lipstick that goes beyond the contour of your lips and sort of blends outwards, as if to emulate the effect you’d have after eating a lollipop. I don’t know about you ladies, but that’s never happened to me when eating a lollipop, but it happens all the time when I grab coffee to go without a straw. Good to know that now instead of being embarrassed I can be fashionable just say “it’s a trend”.

9. LED Eyelashes
If you like dramatic lashes you should try these. LED falsies – they’re on a whole new level. I mean, they’re clearly not for everyday use, but how cool is this idea for a new year’s party? However, it does make me wonder how this affects your vision, cause having blinking LED lights literally on your eyelids can’t be good for your eyes, can it?



10. Reverse Eyeliner
If you find doing normal eyeliner a challenge and doing the cateye requires 3 hours and countless attempts this trend will throw you for a loop. Reverse eyeliner is so strange yet so subtle it takes you a minute to realize what’s wrong with this picture, doesn’t it? If you’re an eyeliner pro I challenge you to try this.

11. Wet Lids
Wet eyeshadow looks have been all over Instagram and even fashion magazines this year, but does it work in real life and how do we achieve this effect? Well, all you need is some primer, clear eye gloss, or in some cases lip gloss and eyeshadow of your choice. But do beware that despite the primer this wet lid look won’t last you more than 10 minutes. It’ll start creasing like crazy and running all over your face. So you know – great for a photoshoot, but not a great idea for a night out.



12. Wavy brows and lips
As if just successfully filling in your brows wasn’t hard enough, now there’s a trend for wavy eyebrows. How does one even go about shaping one’s eyebrows into symmetrical wavy lines? Same story with lips, why would you do this? Wouldn’t the result just look ridiculous and clown like? How high do you have to be to do this? So many questions, so few answers.



13. Pom Pom Makeup and Nails
How freaking adorable is this trend? I can totally see it on the cover of some fashion magazine or a self published hipster zine. It’s also awesome for special occasions and photoshoots, but what I really want to see is someone in the office rocking those pom-pom nails or someone attempting to wash a mug with those. Not bloody likely.

14. Glitter tears
There’s finally a way to make crying glamorous. Just add some glitter and you’re set. Great for sad movie dates, weddings and all sorts of emotional occasions. Girls, you no longer have to worry about your makeup running, it’s a trend now. You can now transform your glittery makeup from a day look to a night look simply by shedding a couple of tears. Ok, we’re kidding, but is this trend for real? Well, according to Instagram it is.



15. Corset Braids
As a person who can barely do a French braid, and really struggles with Dutch braids or boxer braids, this trend just confounds me. Braiding my hair isn’t enough, now I gotta string it all together and make it look like a corset? I take my hat off to the ladies who can do this, but let me tell you, my arms already ache if I have to do an updo and this corset braid trend might just be the end of me.