15 So-Pretty Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is less than a week away and we thought it would be cool to provide you with some V-day nail art inspirations. Some of these are very on the nose, others are a bit more subtle, but all of these nail designs are so pretty! You don’t even have to use them just for Valentine’s day if you don’t celebrate it, they’re just awesome ideas you might want to use next time you get your nails done. If you can do this yourself – we applaud you, but if you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us you can always just show these to your nail technician at the nail salon. Now get ready to get inspired!



1. Let’s start with classic candy hearts. They’re cute and adorable and the pastel colours make them subtle enough for any occasion.



2. These lovely hearts are perfect for Valentines, but their design is so intricate and gorgeous that they instead of screaming “V-day” they just look like a work of art.



3. Love letters are a great idea for Valentine’s. Who doesn’t like getting those?

4. This nail art is pink, cute and girly, but still sophisticated and not too cluttered thanks to the smart use of negative space and matte nail polish.



5. Another great use of negative space in a manicure, but this time in baby pink.

6. These red hearts look minimalist yet sexy. Just what you need for V-day.



7. Remember those cable-knit sweater designs? Why not change them up into hearts? Cosy and wintery, but keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day.



8. If you don’t like elaborate nail designs, but still want to do something for Valentine’s try a subtle nude to pink ombre. It’s barely noticeable, but still very pretty.

9. V-day nails don’t always have to be pink either. You can be cool and hardcore, and have black nails, but still make them themed for the occasion.



10. Black, white and gold – a very classy combo, and the little bow makes it that much more special and festive.

11. Pink and mint are two colours that go very well together. Add a couple of small hearts and you’ve got your nails sorted for the holiday.



12. Don’t you think this nail design is just amazing? It’s beautiful and sophisticated, but still in the theme of V-day. The little hearts are so subtle, but very cute.



13. You don’t even need to have hearts on your nails if you don’t want to. Just adding a bit of red to your cool-toned nail art can easily do the trick.

14. Isn’t this just precious? This nail design is just perfect for a romantic night out.



15. You can look hella cool and still give a little nod to Valentine’s day with a little black heart on one of your nails.It’s subtle, and blends perfectly with the rest of the nail art.