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15 Standards Of Female Beauty In Different Countries Around The World


We strongly believe that all women are beautiful in their own unique way. It has little to do with size or shape, fitness level or the color of their hair or skin and way more to do with their character, how they carry themselves, the sound of their laugh and that little sparkle in their eyes. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are certain criteria of beauty, and they differ from country to country. We thought it would be interesting to see what are those criteria are around the world, and basically how beauty is perceived in different parts of the world.



1. Sweden
Swedish women are known for their blonde hair, blue eyes and prominent cheekbones. Those basically are the main beauty standards in Sweden. But apart from hair and facial features, style is also a very important. Elegant clothes of good quality and preferably muted or pale colors are considered favourable. Swedes are all for simplicity and sophistication.



2. France
The French are all about natural beauty. Minimal makeup, natural and messy looking hair, and impeccable style is what makes French women look gorgeous and effortlessly elegant. Don’t you with the whole world was a little bit French?



3. Spain
Spanish ladies are all about sensuality. It comes into play in all aspects of life, beginning with choosing an outfit for the day and ending with expressing their feelings and emotions. Curvy figures, jet black hair and dark eyes – these are the things that constitute beauty in Spain. And you can’t really be a true Spanish beauty if you can’t dance. Dancing is like a second language in Spain.

4. Germany
German women are sporty and hardworking in all respects. Their ideals of beauty are simple – blonde hair, light-colored eyes, delicate features and a trim figure. Germans are also known for their incredible discipline. To them it’s second nature. When it comes to makeup Germans prefer the “no-makeup” makeup look.



5. Brazil
Brazilian beauty standarts are probably the most demanding. Blonde hair, beautiful eyes, tanned skin and a curvy yet athletic figure is what it takes to be considered beautiful here. It seems like women are constantly bleaching, waxing, working out, or getting mani/pedis just to maintain their looks. They look like models.

6. South Korea
Big round eyes and pale skin are considered to be the epitome of beauty in South Korea. Isn’t it strange, considering it’s not what most Koreans naturally look like. Lots of women here are prepared to go under the scalpel in order to change the shape of their eyes and achieve their beauty goals. Skin lightening and bleaching creams are also popular and readily available in South Korea. For those who aren’t quite ready for surgery there’s also a bunch of products that would visually change the shape of your eyes and face, but in a less-permanent way.



7. Australia
Australian standards of beauty are basically centered around looking good in a bikini. After all it gets pretty hot there and there’s a lot of beaches. So a nice tan and an athletic body is what you need to be considered beautiful.

8. The USA
It’s pretty hard to figure out the beauty standarts in America, since it’s such a big melting pot of cultures and races. And there’s so many different examples of gorgeous women from America we really can’t tell if they prefer thin or curvy, long or short hair, light or dark skin, bright colorful makeup or a more natural look. Everything works in America.




9. Thailand
Fair skin is considered to be beautiful in Thailand. It’s one of the ways to show off your high status in society. So, as you can imagine, a lot of women use skin-lightening products here. Another interesting beauty standard here is size. It’s preferable for women to be tiny here, and that includes height, waist size and breasts. The smaller – the better.



10. Serbia
Serbia has pretty strict beauty standards. Olive complexion, full lips, a neat little nose, big bright eyes and very thin, prominent and high cheekbones. The Serbs really do know what they want.

11. Great Britain
English standards of beauty are best described as restrained and aristocratic. Minimal makeup, comfy clothes, flats instead of high-heels, thin frame, pale skin, and some freckles thrown in to add character. British women are also not that fussed about growing old. While everyone else might freak out about wrinkles and crow’s feet, british ladies consider them to be a sign of maturity and beauty.



12. India
Indian beauty standarts are all about the harmony of body and soul. A healthy diet, some yoga and natural cosmetics are the main keys to success here. Looking healthy and curvy is preferable here, as it signifies your ability to be a great mother in the future.



13. Poland
In Poland you don’t have to be tall to be beautiful. As long as you have correct proportions, medium sized hips and chest, more or less symmetrical facial features and long hair – you’re good. When it comes to hair type – straight or wavy hair is considered pretty.

14. Pakistan
There are a lot of beautiful women in Pakistan. Their standards of beauty include fair skin, light coloured eyes, and long dark hair. Does this remind you of anyone? Basically if you look like Snow White – you’re golden.



15. Malasia
Just like in many other Asian countries, fair skin is valued the most. It’s also important to have a bright complexion, so women take great care of their skin and make sure to keep it glowing and blemish free. When it comes to body shape, being slim and small-chested is preferred.