6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps

6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 1We live in the eyebrow era. It’s not a technical term, at least I don’t think so, it’s just what I call it. Eyebrows matter more than anything these days. You can do whatever you want with your eyeshadow: have it be perfectly blended into a smokey eye, or have colorful blocks of colour. You might not even wear eyeshadow at all. Doesn’t really matter. But your eyebrows must be on fleek. Is it a good thing? I think it is. Let’s thank Cara Delevingne for that.

6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 2Eyebrows frame your face, and change the appearance of your whole face. I have no qualms with this new fashion trend. Especially since the trend celebrates natural eyebrows. You know, ones that are normal sized. I think they look great. And you don’t have to spend that much time on tweezing the hell out of your eyebrows like our mom’s had to. You can just shape them once in a while by getting rid of those pesky stray hairs.

young woman having eyebrows Threaded As with most things these days, there’s an app for that. In fact, there’s a few apps that are supposed to help you shape and fill in your eyebrows.
I understand that different people have different gadgets, so don’t worry, I made sure to find apps both for Apple and Android. All of these are free, so enjoy!



Apps for Apple:


6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 4This app is compatible with iPhones and iPads. It has all sorts of makeup tutorials and a very user-friendly interface. All the tutorials have step by step pictures, which really help to break down even the most complicated eye makeup looks into easy instructions. It doesn’t have any tutorials that are for eyebrows only, but the extensive collection of makeup looks in this app does include all sorts of eyebrow tips.



6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 5This is a really cool app for those who are thinking of changing the shape or color of their eyebrows, but are afraid to take the plunge. You can upload a picture of yourself and try out a bunch of different eyebrow looks. This app allows you to pluck, fill, dye your eyebrows to see how that would look, or even replace them with a completely different looking ones.

6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 6This app allows you to try on all sorts of makeup looks and hairstyles. The best thing is that you can actually do it all in realtime in 3D mode. Just turn on the front camera and try it out. Plus, all the colors and shades you’ll be using are true colors of products that actually exist. So if you like what you try on this app you can either email yourself the list of products or buy them from your phone right away.

Apps for Android:

6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 7This app has many eyebrow tutorials and they’re all in video form, which might be even more useful for those who struggle with picture tutorials.



6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 8The name of this app really describes it pretty well. It’s got everything you’ve ever wanted to know about eyebrows. You can find out about all sorts of ways of shaping and sculpting your eyebrows, find out how threading works and see a whole bunch of makeup tutorials.

6 Best Eyebrow Tutorial Apps 9This app has all sorts of DIY eyebrow tutorials step by step. It will help you find your eyebrow shape, instruct you on how to properly groom your eyebrows, help shape your eyebrows according to your face shape and much more.