6 Simple Tips to Lose Up to 20kg this Winter

With winter upon us (read: tons of comfort food because it is cold out and we do not want to step outside) it might be challenging to keep your normal healthy food routine. What we challenge you to do is to greet spring with a hot new bod! Let’s face it: all of us wish we were keeping track of our food and activities come bikini season. So let’s start early this year and get those stubborn few kilos off! There are two most important things you will have to do: exercise and watch what you eat. We have simple tips for both of these steps.



1. Get a gym membership or come up with an exercise routine
We can’t stress it enough: this has to become a routine for you. Start out small: meet with a trainer or talk to someone who has been working out for a while. What works for someone else might not work for you so it is important to know your body. Gradually do more and more until you are satisfied. Make a commitment to exercising and stick to it. A good routine will not only help you lose the weight – it will also put you in a better mood, will help out your metabolism, and will leave you looking like a model.
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2. Watch what you eat and when you eat it
After a long day at school or work you come home, you make yourself a good healthy dinner, sit on the couch and watch TV? Houston, we’ve got a problem. While you can argue that your boiled chicken breast and rice is a great conscious choice of dinner – watching a TV show or a YouTube video will make you consume more food than you actually need. It is important to focus on what you are eating too – often when we watch something we just want a snack, no matter what it is. This leads us to consuming something we don’t actually need. Make time for your meals apart from your monitor.
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3. Walk an extra mile
Are you taking a bus to work? Get off at a stop before yours and walk the rest of the distance. Driving? Park further away and stroll down to your school or office the rest of the way. Walking is not only a great exercise to clear your mind and set you in a proper mood for the rest of the day – it is also an activity that will help you burn a few extra calories. Isn’t it fantastic?
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4. Kiss the carbs goodbye
I am sorry girl, but carbs have to go. They basically only add to your weight – that is mainly their job. Carbs are hiding in your diet and are working against you? They have got to go. Don’t quit cold-turkey – we recommend going on a low-carb diet first. Figure out what your body can and cannot live without and adjust accordingly. You can do it!
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5. Get plenty of rest
During weight loss it is important to always go-go-go and to keep yourself busy and organized. This process is also very stressful on both your body and mind. A lot of familiar things are not going to be there anymore, like ice-cream on Sundays or taco Tuesdays. You have to give yourself plenty of rest and keep a consistent sleep schedule. This will help your body to recoup and to take on a new great day!
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6. Look straight ahead
Set some goals for yourself and keep yourself in check. Want to involve social media and post your progress up on Facebook? Go for it! Want to Instagram your workout’s before and after? For sure! Be your own harsh but fair judge. Personal accountability is a big one when it comes to lifestyle change and you, my friend, can totally do it flawlessly!
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