6 Sweet Reasons You’ll Want To Smother Yourself In Honey

What comes to mind when you think of honey? Do you start thinking of bees flying around on a warm summer’s day? Some use it to sweeten their tea, or add it to their fruit salad. Others consider it to be the best remedy for a sore throat. It clearly is known for all the good it does or your body when ingested. But did you know that honey can also be used as a topical treatment for your skin? Well, let me tell you all about the awesome qualities honey has that you might not know about.



1. Healing
First things first – honey is great at healing. Not only can it heal you from a cold or a sore throat, but it can also be used to heal your skin. It’s actually a great antiseptic and can be used on burns and small cuts to disinfect them. It’s also a great remedy for chapped lips, it works even better than chapstick. And it can even be used as spot treatment for fading dark spots and scars.

2. Clearing
Honey has antibacterial properties and studies show that it can actually be helpful in slowing down the growth of horrible skin infections like MRSA. If it helps with something that serious can you imagine how helpful it can be for people with acne or just regular pimples? Use it as spot treatment or make a face mask and enjoy your blemish free life.

3. Exfoliating
Did you know that honey contains gluconic acid, which is a natural exfoliant? It can actually help you get rid of dead skin cells faster and therefore make your skin look better, smoother and healthier. And it’s a gentle exfoliant, so you won’t have to worry about those horrible little plastic balls they put in face scrubs that hurt both your face and the environment.

4. Soothing
You probably know about honey’s anti-inflammatory properties that help you soothe a sore throat, but did you know it would also work on your skin. That’s right, it’s great for reducing redness, inflammations and all sorts of irritations on your skin. It also helps with calming down eczema flare ups.

5. Softening
If you want your skin to be super soft – try a honey mask. It works like a charm. Honey is great at moisturizing your skin and helping it actually retain the moisture afterwards. But don’t limit yourself just to face mask, you can use honey all over your body, so if you have dry hands, elbows knees or any other patches of skin – go ahead and put some honey on it.

6. Enhancing
Everyone is after that glowing, radiant look these days. Well, I’m here to tell you that it can be achieved without all those expensive highlighters. Honey is great at improving circulation and making your skin glow. Honey really can do it all. It’s like a magic potion, but real and 100% natural.