8 Incredible Male Yoga Instructors You’ll Want To Follow On Instagram

Yoga has a reputation of being a girly kind of exercise. After all, most people, when they hear the word yoga – immediately imagine a girl with a messy bun, wearing a strappy top and yoga pants, sitting with her legs crossed in a lotus position and humming, or, doing the downward facial dog. However, what they don’t know is that a lot of men do yoga. A lot of cool men. And if you don’t want to take our word for it, go ahead and take a look at these 10 awesome male yoga instructors. They’re all the proof you need to realize that yoga can be a pretty amazing form of exercise that’s fit for anyone and everyone wishing to improve their body and mind. Feel free to follow these yoga instructors for fitspiration, or you know, just to see some hot guys in your timeline.



1. Jonah Kest
Jonah Kest not only teaches a cool and unusual hip-hop version of vinyasa yoga, but is also a fitness expert and a happy owner of impressive biceps and six-pack abs. Also he’s vegan, so you’re bound to read something about the benefits of a vegan diet on his Instagram.



2. Jordan Thackray
Jordan is a yoga instructor from Sydney, so his Instagram features him doing yoga on the beach next to the ocean a lot of the time. His captions are always full of joy, kindness and reflection about classes. What’s not to love?

3. Gerald Saluti
Gerald loves talking about yoga, life, love and human limits – after his heartfelt Instagram-speeches, you can’t help but want to do all of those yoga poses if only to reach the levels of enlightenment that he has. But also, he looks incredible.

4. Dylan Werner
Dylan’s Instagram is full of interesting things. You’ll see him doing martial arts, rock climbing, fitness and, of course, yoga. The things he can do with his body and the shapes he can contort are truly mind bending.



5. Sean Phelps
Sean is another cool yogi with beautiful photos of asanas on his Instagram. He’s been travelling quite a lot lately, so you’re bound to see him doing some pretty impressive asanas in the most beautiful locations around the world.

6. Patrick Beach
Through social media, Patrick, like Dylan Werner, proves that everyone can do yoga, absolutely everyone – not only young and beautiful girls. And just taking one look at his gorgeous body, we bet you’ll wish your boyfriend did yoga too.

7. Cameron Shayne
Cameron isn’t just a yogi, he’s also the creator of the training program Budokon, which combines elements of yoga, martial arts and meditation. Therefore, on his Instagram you’ll see not only the beautiful frozen yoga asanas, but also incredibly cool videos from his Budokon training sessions.

8. Duncan Peak
Duncan Peak is an excellent yoga instructor. He is also one of those lucky people who managed to turn the work of his life into a company that brings not only great benefits to people, but also a tangible income. The yoga network Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y), created by Duncan, is now one of the the most popular yoga networks in Australia.