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9 Proofs You’re Way More Beautiful Than You Think


There will always be some new beauty or body trend on what’s hot, or what’s not. The idea of beauty is constantly evolving, and a lot of the things that people used to see as flaws or shortcomings are now the very definition of beauty. Supermodels today are walking around with those same features that you got bullied for in middle school! Here are the top so-called flaws once seen as disadvantages that, in 2018, make you stand out from the crowd in a gorgeous way.



1. Freckles
Anyone with freckles has probably faced some insecurity in their lives, but we think they’re a really cool and exotic feature, whether they’re just dotting your face, or all over your body? Think of yourself like a slinky, sexy leopard with a skin like no other. They might not have always been the trademark for fabulous, but today they are!




2. Plus Size
Anyone looking at the pages of Sports Illustrated and seeing Ashley Graham on the cover can clearly see that today, plus size now is accepted as beautiful. Instead of trying to lose a ton of weight to mimic stick-thin runway models, people are now desperately trying to attain those curves that society once shunned. Even on the runway, models are getting thicker!

3. Birthmarks, Vitiligo
Unusual birthmarks and skin conditions such as Vitiligo are tough to come to terms with, and often hinder seeing the reality of your true beauty. ANTM’s past contestant Winnie Harlow, a gorgeous butterfly of a human being, is definitive proof of that. Think of is this way: you have naturally stunning makeup built into your skin – why cover it up?