Beauty Trends From The ‘90s We Should Forget About

While there are some trends in the ‘90s that are experiencing a comeback (chokers and crop tops) there are others than need to stay way, way in the past. We loved the trashy era for what it was, but if we saw someone wearing these beauty trends in the street today, we would truly question their sanity. Here are some rough trends that really belong in the ‘90s.



1. Navel Piercing
We thought this was so cute back in the day, but it translates as pretty trashy now. They were usually colored fake diamonds, and worn with a crop top. Shoutout to Christina and Britney’s belly rings. RIP.



2. Bright Makeup
Bright purple eyeshadow and bright yellow lipstick? Yes, this unfortunate trend of loud and clownish makeup lasted a while, and people were way too into it.

3. Pencil-Thin Brows
Thank goodness for Cara Delevingne, honestly. Because those super skinny brows make people look constantly surprised, and is really not flattering for any face shape.

4. Barrettes and Butterfly Clips
There’s a right way to hair accessories, and this is definitely not it. Butterfly clips are meant for 5 year olds playing dress-up, and it should probably stay that way. Barrettes are also pretty outdated and should probably be retired from your wardrobe.



5. Crimped Hair
Ugh. Why?? Hard, gelled hair then crunched between a crimper, sending your hair into heat-damage galore. If you want your hair to look like fried food mixed with a brillo pad, crimping is the way to go. Hopefully these monstrosities still aren’t sold.

6. Bronzer
Bronzer is ok if you’re trying to add a little depth and are using it for contouring purposes. Unfortunately in the 90s that only translated into “too much bronzer”. Instead of for contouring, it was heavily applied all over the face, like a fake and truly terrifying tan.

7. Frosted Makeup
Some celebs made this look sort of dreamy, but still, metallic silver and baby blue frosted shadow and matching lipstick were not a great match, and should be avoided.



8. …And Frosted Tips
This was mostly for dudes, but some ladies rocked this awful trend as well. It usually results in your hair looking like spaghetti. This bleach blond monstrosity should be avoided at all costs.

9. Body Glitter
Someone would look at you like you were a crazy person if you walked down the street in the amount of body glitter that was acceptable in the ‘90s. Getting ready for the club? Get some lotion infused with glitter, and lather it on! JK. Please don’t do that, it will be very itchy, and not cute.

10. Overly Defined Lip Liner…Usually Brown
This honestly reminds me of how drag queens apply their exaggerated lips. This trend was always complete with super dark liner that was way darker than the lipstick (sometimes even no lipstick *gasp*). The attempt was to make it look fuller, but it was usually just looked dramatically vampy and anemic.



11. Casual Tiaras
Forgot this was a thing didn’t you? Well thank goodness for that. Remember when people used to rock tiaras at proms, social event, and other casual situations that most definitely don’t require a tiara. Tip: unless you’re actual royalty please stay away from this.

12. Skunk Dyed Hair Look
Christina Aguilara is one of the culprits to which this beauty faux pas claimed. It consisted of bleach blond layers sitting on the top layers of your head, and stark brown or black layers underneath. The skunk look is not chic. It was usually paired with an equally skunky eye.