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Best Natural Skin Care Brands


Natural skin care products should be safe and free from harmful ingredients like unnecessary chemicals, fillers, paraffins, or additives. Many beauty brands try to keep their ingredients list close to earth (and close to the vest – as in it being filled with secret ingriedents) as much as they possibly can. Also the majority of natural product companies use no animal testing in their development phase and show serious responsibility towards the environment.

Best Natural Skin Care BrandsThere’s a myth that most of the natural skin care brands are expensive. Some of them really are, but you can also find cheaper ones and still look fresh and gorgeous. Expensive doesn’t always mean better quality! But knowing that the specific beauty product contains natural ingredients won’t save you from making regretful purchases. It’s OK to perform some trials and make mistakes while searching for the most effective skin care treatment for your skin. Feel free to mix products of different brands and achieve terrific results!

Nowadays there are plenty of natural skin care products like cleansers, moisturizers, body lotions, eye creams, anti-aging creams etc. Ten years ago they didn’t look so appealing, their consistencies looked really weird and they came in unattractive packages. A lot has changed since then and now they are growing in popularity with more natural options and beautiful packaging.


The biggest issue in the beauty products industry is that some popular brands are not telling the truth about their products being natural and organic.


So that puts more pressure on you the consumer to make sure the brands you choose have special standards and certifications that guarantee safety and the highest quality results. A lot of natural beauty brands can’t afford such certifications, but use harmless natural ingredients or in some instances chemical compounds. You should check ingredient listings for harmful chemicals and find out which brands are telling you the truth.


Here is our trusted natural skin products guide that you can count on! These brands in our opinion, are really worth the money and time.

Best Natural Skin Care Brands - Tata HarperTata Harper

Tata Haper is the name of a real skincare guru. She grows her own ingredients on her 1,200-acre organic farm in Vermont. Her chemical-free products easily rival popular non-natural treatments and are considered as luxury skin care treatments.


Try Tata Harper’s basics line that consists of three essentials: the Regenerating Cleanser is a 4-in-1 gentle exfoliating cleansing treatment that minimizes the appearance of pores and protects the natural hydration balance of your skin. The Hydrating Floral Essence with a light scent of rose adds a dewy freshness to your skin that is just so lovely! The Rebuilding Moisturizer is a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer that delivers lasting moisture and an all-day matte finish.



You will surely love other exclusive products made by Tata Harper like the aromatherapy products that stimulate the senses, heighten sensuality and inspire an inner sense of beauty and confidence. Let your inner magnetism glow!


Her every product collects from 6 to 29 absolutely natural active ingredients that make your skin look and feel amazing.

Best Natural Skin Care Brands - Josie MaranJosie Maran

The all-natural skin care cosmetics based on plant oils, including the star ingredient – Argan Oil allows for a total luxury treatment for your skin. Enjoy the amazing feather-light texture of Argan Oil Body Butter, the pure magic of Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation and up to 14 hours of color and hydration effect of Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee.

Josie Maran’s make up products combine high performance and healthy, eco-friendly ingredients. You can even buy a simple bottle of Argan oil and use it for your hair and skin.

Best Natural Skin Care Brands - Suki


Combining her knowledge of natural ingredients with high-tech science Suki Kramer created this eponymous natural skin products line. She uses the purest synthetic-free natural ingredients together with an innovative cosmetic formula developed in the Suki design lab where chemists and herbalists harmoniously work together.

Her terrific skin care products smell just amazing and fits almost any women.
We can recommend to you the cult beauty brand’s award-winning Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser with lemongrass and sugar that will work well with any skin type.

Best Natural Skin Care Brands - Dr. HauschkaDr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka Skin care was founded in 1967. And It has been all-natural since the beginning. The company is focused on understanding the way skin works and its relationship with overall health. Every skin care product is certified natural and contains the highest-quality plant and mineral ingredients.


Try the natural Rose Day Cream that fits any skin type. The precious extracts of rose petals will deliver an amazing regenerating effect. Is your skin prone to redness, irritation and couperose? Then this skin care treatment is for you.

Best Natural Skin Care Brands - Pangea OrganicsPangea Organics

This is your change to experience the power of plant-based skin care products by Pangea. Pangea products are antioxidant rich and contain 100% pure essential oils, essential fatty acids and other herbal components in eco-friendly packages. The company believes that each bottle of skin care product should contain as much performance as it’s possible.
We recommend you try Pangea Organics Shower Gels with their exceptional anti-oxidant, calming and healing effects. Choose the best scent that suits your mood and personality and feels oh, so wonderful!