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The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women


The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenWho said that pregnant women should forget about exercising? It is actually a myth! Instead, prenatal yoga can help you cope with all those body changes you must experience during pregnancy. It is a perfect way to find a balance between mind and body. No other technique can help women to stay fit and healthy and keep their mind calm and relaxed as much as yoga does. That does not mean that all yoga poses are good for you, some of them may actually hurt you, or your baby. That’s why you should be very attentive when working out during pregnancy, even when it comes to yoga. Just remember you should feel comfortable and not experience pain! Don’t forget to consult your doctor before exercising. So, we’ve gathered the safest yoga poses for those who are expecting.

1. The Easy Pose
1. The Easy Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenThis pose is the best way to start a session. It helps to relax, reduces tension in your neck and shoulders, and opens your chest. You don’t have to be super flexible to do it. The hardest thing about this pose is to hold it.

2. The Twisted Pose
2. The Twisted Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenIt’s a must-try prenatal yoga pose. Its aim is to stretch your spine. It also improves digestion. Twisted pose is not hard to implement, but do not overdo it when trying to hold it, you should feel comfortable and without pain at all, just stretch as mush as you can.

3. The Sitting Side Stretch
3. The Sitting Side Stretch - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenIt is an essential pose to do because it stretches your hips and pelvis. You will definitely benefit if you do it as much as possible. Labor will be easier and less painful. Just remember – no pain.

  1. The Child Pose
    4. The Child Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenProbably there is no person who doesn’t love this yoga pose. It allows you to rest from all hard poses you’ve already done. What you should do is relax.
    You can repeat it as much as you need as it’s not hard and stretches the lower back.

5. The Cat /Cow Poses
5. The Cat-Cow Poses - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenEvery pregnant woman faces the problem of back pain as it is a hard job to carry a baby. These two poses will help you to deal with it. They reduce back pain, stretch the spine, making you feel more flexible. If you do them your child moves easier and will assume an optimal position during labor. You will surely appreciate the benefits of these poses when giving birth.


6. The Butterfly Pose
6. The Butterfly Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenImagine you are a butterfly and try to imitate how it moves. This pose is also great, it stretches the hips and improves your mobility. The Butterfly Pose also helps to get rid of discomfort in the hips. Do it gently, sudden moves can harm you.

7. The Tree Pose
7. The Tree Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenAs your belly grows every day your center of gravity changes too. This pose is a must-try if you want to find a balance. There is no need to do it as a pro like a veteran yoga teacher would; even lifting your legs a little will be great. You can also hold on furniture, a table or a chair, to make this pose easier.

8. The Triangle Pose
8. The Triangle Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenThis pose is great in finding a balance. All your muscles work when doing triangle pose, except abs. You stretch your entire body, from shoulders to legs. This pose also works if you want to calm down, relax and find some peace.

9. The Forward Bend Pose
9. The Forward Bend Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenThis pose is not hard to do, at least in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy when your belly is not that big. It stretches your back and legs. You can hold on a chair for support.

10. Goddess Pose
10. Goddess Pose - The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant WomenIt is one of the most effective prenatal poses. It stretches your entire body, strengthens muscles, opens your hips and helps to get rid of back pain. Your baby will move easier in utero and will find the right position during labor if you use this pose when working out.