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Creative Hairstyles For Long Hair


Long healthy and well-groomed hair is always a center of attention. Nothing can be more fabulous than streaming locks which create a feminine silhouette every man admires. Moreover long hair will never go out of style – everyone from Hollywood divas to royalty wear long hairdos. Can you imagine our favorite Disney Princesses with a short cut? I don’t think so. That’s the point you can keep calm and leave your locks even if you’re bored with the length and find yourself in a rut feeling frumpy. All you need is to check these easy tricks to help you keep your “locks-look” fresh and attractive. Now go ahead for some hair inspiration with these fashion-forward ideas that make you look trendy and fabulous.

Creative hairstyles for long hair1. Go braid-crazy
There are a lot of different gorgeous braid ideas. Some of them are pretty easy to do yourself and all you need is just to choose one of the variety of do-it-yourself videos online and try it. Bet you can’t resist this hairdo for very long! It’s a fabulous look not unlike a ponytail but with a more chic, polished look. Here’s the top 7 trendist glam braid ideas for your next great hair look!



– Waterfall Braid
– Side French Braid
– Messy Braid
– Classic French Braid
– Fishtail
– Side Braid with a Ponytail
– Upside Down Braid Bun

Don’t forget to instagram your debut artwork. Bet it will gather a lot of likes!

Creative hairstyles for long hair2. Chanel blow-out
This is the most elegant and luxurious for the long-locks look – thus the name Chanel. Take your time and use some of your hair smoothing product and then use your straightening styler. Finally, for that ultimately classy look, part your hair down the middle and you are set to go! Done? That sure looks like a classic Chanel model staring back in the mirror!

Creative hairstyles for long hair3. Captivating blow-dry
This genius hairdo is definitely a timeless and universal one. You can wear it either to a glamorous party or out to a beach. Start with tonging some curls through your side-parted locks then use your light-hold hairspray and brush your hair out with a slow, soft brush stroke. Enjoy!

Creative hairstyles for long hair4. Classy Bun
Nothing can be more perfect for any kind of white-tie event, wedding party or business conference. If you don’t have enough time to let your stylist make the perfect one try these essential DIY tips. Firstly make a tight ponytail then twirl the whole ponytail into a tight coil and then spin it clockwise around the base, tucking in the ends. Then insert pin by pin to the left or right side of your bun and coin it toward your scalp. Finally apply a strong hairspray and be ready to gracefully wear this super-sleek-up-do!

Creative hairstyles for long hair5. Long And Loose Curls
Every Hollywood diva rocks with this hairdo. It looks casual and glamorous both at the same time.

Add a small amount of styling crème then choose the largest hair rollers for your length, spay your locks and use. Then use a wide brush to smooth through the fresh curls and use your fingers to prevent curls from wrapping. Making this hairstyle you get a bonus – it’s totally hands-free so you don’t waste a lot of time messing with the rollers This frees up more time for the fun stuff -makeup or choosing the dress color. Don’t forget to smile before leaving. You’ll look and feel just so feminine and amazing – way to go!