Creepy But Sexy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is a ghoulish time to get your costumes on…but an equally perfect time to showcase your highlighting and contour skills. Get inspired by these flawless Halloween makeup tutorials that you can even complete with your own makeup kit. Show off your razor-sharp cheekbones and your creepiest looks this Halloween with these makeup artists’ #goals tutorials that you can achieve too!



1. Full Skull Tutorial
Oh my, look at that smoky skull eye. Such a unique look – terrifying and kind of grotesque, but also very femme fatale, especially the way beauty vlogger Brianna Fox is rocking her poses! Best skeleton look ever – rock it with a tight black bodysuit ;)



2. Twilight Demon
Someone’s looking horny! Hehe, ok humor aside, this look complete with black lips and red contacts is horrifyingly delicious. The nail detail is on point too, and this will definitely be the sexiest demon that you ever see. As a commenter says “when you can’t go to hell without a good highlight and contour”. Can we rock this look every day?

3. Harley Quinn Tutorial
We’re sure we’re gonna see Harley and Joker couples all over this Halloween, but here’s a surefire way to make your Harley look stand out from all the rest, and have people oohing and awwing at your makeup skills. Famous vlogger NikkieTutorials shows us how to take the Harley look from ruthless to glam, as she likes to call it, a look perfect for “a night out on the town with the Joker.”

4. Creepy Doll Tutorial
This is not the beloved Barbie you grew up with – a doll gets a demented broken twist, especially from the creepy, porcelain posing that this vlogger graces us with in the beginning. It’s a rather minimal look – a whitened face and green contacts contrast with an exaggerated puckered doll lip, and a flawless application of fake doll lashes.



5. Werewolf Tutorial
Damn. The classic werewolf look gets cleaned up a bit and looks more like a True Blood werewolf with this smoldering, contoured look. Sort of an Ariana Grande inspired werewolf. Her high pony, brushed up and amazing contact lenses (she names the brand in her comments) slay this look. Oh, and her face-painting skills aren’t too shabby either.

6. Bambi Tutorial
The little button nose is so cute and complete with cappuccino eyeliner and the white dots lining her cheekbones, this long-lashed beauty is rocking the doe look like a boss. Perfect styled with mini buns or hair clipped back like this chick has done. A light lip and a perfectly bronzed nose for the girl who’s not the horror fan, but still wants to look cute on Halloween.

7. Girly Sugar Skull Tutorial
This tutorial isn’t in English, but it’s dope enough to try to watch her and mimic what she’s doing with your own palette. Sugar skulls are an awesome fixture to celebrate the Day of the Dead culture, but this femmed-out, all pink version kind of merges the world of sugar skulls with kawaii. The ombre lip and eye with her rib cage painting is to die for, no pun intended!



8. Witch Tutorial
You might think the witch look is a little cliché for Halloween. Not this expertly crafted look! Soft and glowing green makeup with a darker emerald cheek contour and eye is completed thanks to Ben Nye Creme Color Pods, a stage makeup brand that this makeup artist swears by. We love this take on the wicked witch, and think she looks wickedly sexy!

9. Pop Art Girl Tutorial
Comic lovers, rejoice! Your pop art fantasy girl can come to life with this easy dotted tutorial that will make you look like a cartoon character come to life! The black definition lines are easy to draw and create a surreal effect, and the tear drops by the eye (as long as that white sheen on the red lip) transform this gal into a walking comic book!