Crystal Lips – The Hottest Beauty Trend This Year By Makeup Artist Johannah Adams

Recently, the Internet went crazy for crystal lips – the recent beauty trend took over IG when NYC based makeup artist Johannah Adams took her lip art game to a whole different level after posting dreamy amethyst and pale pink quartz takes on the crystal lip look.
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She happened to be inspired by a geode necklace that she received as a gift and loved the juxtaposed texture of the crystal and the gold, resulting in the surreal wet-bordered look. She admits that the look takes an hour to perfect, but it’s worth it for the final result.

The look involves a color base, a thick clear gloss for that juicy texture, and a strong dose of glitter. She mixes them into a paste and distributes it evenly, completing the look with loose glitter. Her expertise clearly lies in rare stones, and we’re dying to have Johannah bedazzle our lips so we can rock this supremely dope metallic-glitter ombre look.

Johannah has garnered almost 19k fans with her surreal crystal creations, amongst other stunning works of intricate lip art that you can be treated to on her Instagram page.



She’s not just the master of the geode lip – she has other unique and creative designs all over her social media as well. Like she says, it’s all about having “a few good tools and a little direction”. And a little bit of genius.

She plays with a metallic-meets-rainbow look, her own take on a galaxy lip, and a lovely take on waves that California’s Big Sur waves inspired her to create (that wave foam is on point). The range shows her abilities not just as a makeup artist but as an artist generally.

Might be a lot to rock to your next dinner commitment, but maybe the perfect experiment to try for a Halloween look – we can see some pretty flames emoji Maleficent costumes getting inspired by this badass look.



Any glitter afficionados should check out her page ASAP and watch out for crystal lip tutorials that she promises to post soon. Learn how to perfect your own birth stone! We think it looks like straight up art and think Johannah should definitely be recruited by Hollywood’s makeup teams for her sick creations.

Way cooler than anything the Kylie Jenner lip kit could create. Secretly hoping the Johannah comes out with a lip line of her own so we can all attain these amethyst lips (even though they still probably wouldn’t turn out that Pinterest-perfect).
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