Cute Astrological Tattoos You’ll Be Obsessed With

Our astrological signs are fundamental to our sense of being – some of us might not pay attention to them, and some of us might live religiously by our horoscopes. Either way, we can’t deny that our astrological sign is a big part of who we are, and we found some super charming tattoos to show your love for yours.



Aw, this Scorpio constellation looks kind of like freckles. It’s subtle, but if you know your astrology, you’ll recognize the pattern of these stars. Let your inner Scorpio lead you by scattering these tats on a delicate place like your shoulder.

This Leo constellation is so colorful and unique. Definitely a little bold, though. Check out that massive crescent moon. Cool for solar system geeks.

This gal was a little less selfless with her zodiac tattoo design – she decided to get the signs of her family members tattooed on her arm. Feeling guilt tripped about not calling your mom recently? But seriously, a cute and loving idea.

OMG. Obsessed with this edgy but low-key Libra tattoo on the back of the ankle. Even if you’re not a Libra, this is an awesome tattoo. Paired with cuffed jeans, everyone will think you’re the coolest at the party with this design. What ankle would you get it on?

The elongated curvature of this glyph looks lovely and defined on the back of the neck. The font is careful and perfectly drawn – classic Virgo. A simple but statement-making design to show all the Virgos in your life.

So cool! Slightly bigger than a lot of the tiny, charming designs on here, but the design is so amazing, it’s worth it. Go big or go home, right? The Taurus fits in seamlessly with the dreamcatcher for an abstract interpretation on this horned sign.

A literal interpretation of the Scorpio sign – and why not? Scorpions are pretty badass – especially this design, crawling over her hand. Dark, but also a dedication to nature and the fiery Scorpio sign.

Wow – this Pisces tattoo almost looks like calligraphy! The delicately inked symbols are blended so perfect, and the black looks gorgeous and soft. Two fish, because why would you leave one lonely? Really though, this is body art at its finest.

Here are a few more honorable mentions: