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Frozen Elsa Hair Tutorials for Your Little Cutie


Frozen Elsa Hair Tutorials for Your Little CutieHalloween is coming and I’m pretty sure frozen Elsa’s costume will be among the most popular costumes for girls this year. So, don’t hesitate and find Elsa’s costume for your little cutie now! In the meantime we’ll help you with the braid or bun your little Elsa may need to look perfect for Halloween.



Elsa’s Braid Tutorial
Frozen Elsa Hair Tutorials for Your Little CutieThis hairstyle is super easy and beautiful, it’s actually a beautiful French braid. To make it you will need:
– a curling iron
– a teasing brush
– a regular brush
– 2 elastic bands for the hair
– hair spray
– snowflake bobby pins (for decoration)


Start with curling the hair (if it’s needed of course). If your girl already has curly hair you can skip this step.
Then you need to tease the hair on the top of the crown. Take a teasing brush and brush everything backwards first. Take a section of hair from the crown area, use hair spray to fix the volume at the roots and then grab your teasing brush to do some basic backcombing. You just need to create a better volume, do not go for a really dramatic “poof”. Do the same basic backcombing from the sides, grab some sections of hair from the left and right sides – then spray and tease them as well. This step is actually optional too. If you don’t want to tease your daughter’s hair you can skip it. Then take the same brush and lightly brush over your tease to make it look natural and cozy.


Now you’re ready to do a stylish braid. Because Elsa had so much texture in the top, you need to grab a section of hair from the top – twist it a little bit and fix it on the head crown with the help of an elastic band. Then split it into three equal sections and start French braiding. From time to time don’t forget to add some sections of hair from the sides. At first add a section from the left side, cross it over the middle section. Then go to the right section, add a section of hair from the right and again cross it over the middle. Continue doing the exact same thing all the way down. You can work with really big sections of hair because the braid should look kind of messy. (Remember this is Elsa’s style!)


When you get to the bottom of the head, add the last section to the left side and finish the braid up in the front. While braiding in the front, don’t braid it over the middle section but under the middle section. Secure the braid at the bottom with an elastic band.



Now it’s time to style this braid. At first go back to your tease and increase the volume a little bit. Take the bottom of your teasing brush and use it to lift the hair at the roots. Increase the volume just by pulling the hair. Then style the braid from the back, just pull out sections of hair from the braid to loose it enough. The braid should look more relaxed. Do the same thing with the braid in the front. Grab sections of hair, slowly and carefully pull out to make this braid look bigger and more voluminous. Take your time to do it properly, because if you do it quickly you can end up with a fail. The finishing touch is to decorate the completed braid with the snowflake bobby pins.



Elsa’s Hair Bun Tutorial
Frozen Elsa Hair Tutorials for Your Little Cutie

In this quick and easy tutorial you’ll find out how to recreate Elsa’s coronation hairstyle.
Start with teasing the hair to get some more volume. Grab two strands of hair right above your forehead and start twist them away from your face. Every time you twist the new strand you need to add some extra hair to the closest strand. Once you get to the back of your head you need to secure your hair with bobby pins and an elastic band.


Now divide the remaining hair in two parts. Take the right part of the hair and start twisting it around itself, then wrap it into the bun – just round this twisted section of hair around its base. Secure your hair bun with bobby pins. Don’t forget to hide the hair ends.


Grab the other section of hair and incorporate it into the bun in the same manner. Twist it around itself and wrap it around the bun. Using two sections of hair instead of just one will allow you to get more interesting bun shape. Again, hide the hair end and secure the bun with hair pins. Spray your girl’s hair with a hair spray and the look will be complete!