#GrannyHair Is The Silver Ombre Trend Breaking The Internet

Ombre hair has always been a fierce trend, but grey ombre really takes things to the next level. This #grannyhair trend is the least old-fashioned thing you’ll see all day, and all the chic fashionistas are rocking it. The trend is anything but matronly, and gives you a sleek look with added depth – perfect to try with layered or darker hair who are hesitant to try a brighter shade. Look at these gorgeous gals and you’ll be itching to go silver soon.



1. Loving the wavy tresses on this goth ombre beauty – while ombre sometimes looks nice on pin straight hair, waves add depth to the edgy, mermaid-inspired look. So subtle but magical.



2. This chrome cutie is rocking her silver feline ‘do with a badass half bun, letting her choppy tresses underneath flow in the wind. We love this specific shade of gray and how the black-to-grey transition is less obvious.

3. A septum ring and grey hair has never looked this fine. With strands of grey woven into the black in her upper strands. We’re also used to seeing this on longer hair, but this babe rocks a shorter lob with no qualms.

4. Yaass. The silver grey hair that was combed a thousand times before this fateful shoot. This look is so sleek, with the upper peaks starting higher and closer to her scalp, and almost resembling sound waves. So long, so pretty, My Little Pony gone ombre.



5. The perfect, and possibly only way to style a silver ombre ponytail. Look at that flawless darker undercut, and that perfect smooth side braid, and casual low-hanging cool-girl factor makes us so envious of this look.

6. The only thing more unique than dying your hair silver ombre? Getting it done in flawless braids after. Look at that stunning cascading of silver. And that smile – she’s fly and she knows it.

7. This look is a little less goth, and a little more LA. Love the lavender undertone to this grey, and that precision of the die applied up top. We love this look with cascading layers and wispy side bangs – adds even more complexity to an already complex look.



8. For the adorable good girl who’s a little scared to douse her whole head is silver, this sweet adaptation is less stark and dramatic, but just as cute. The ombre look for shy indie girls, if you will. Love it with center part and a more matte gray than silver shade.

9. This babe has gone 100 percent into the full granny mode and has no shame about this. It’s mostly silvery, tendrily, beautiful hippie strands of gray mixed in with black hints and subtleties. And with that flower crown? This is a look we can get behind.