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Is The Hairy Nails Trend Creepy Or Cool?


We’ve seen everything from furry nails to non-functional, 5 inch stiletto nails that could double as a shank. But we have one artist whose taken strange nail trends to the next level. People have combined hair, nails, and selfies for a horrific Frankenstein result that people are calling “hairy nails”, and the internet has reacted, to put it lightly.



Selfie fanatics will probably be all for this trend (you get ten of your faces – one for each of your nails) it’s kind of grotesque. The illusion of pointy length, for these nails, is created by connecting two wisps of hair at the end.



Unless these hair wisps are held up by wires, we’re not sure how this stays up. What if you’re eating a burger? It’ll turn into a condiment manicure! Keep all moisture and foods away from this manicure!




You could re-do this with celebs’ faces, we guess, but regardless, it’s still long hairs attached to your nail bed, which is admittedly pretty gross. Hygiene wise, and just the general creepiness factor. Definitely getting some “Silence of the Lambs” vibes here, am I right? Either way, these might be cooler to look at than they are to actually wear.

The original creator of this hair-iffic (horrific or terrific, whatever direction you’re leaning in) is visual illusion artist Dain Yoon. Her other work is meticulously crafted and impressive, but gluing hair and her own face on her nails is what garnered the interest of the internet. Sigh. We’ll never understand how going viral works.



It’s interesting that this artist is a undeniable genius, creatively, but decided to go with this confusing look. Maybe she’s giving in to the selfie-centric society we live in. Or maybe she was testing her fanbase, and trying to create polarizing work. And it worked.



Yoon’s own fans were divided over this trend – but you do have to admit, it’s kind of cool that her face-painting was so accurate, and each face had subtle differences in expression. Much of her work involves painting multiple, trippy faces or facial features, especially eyes. Personally, we prefer her other art pieces to this bizarre one.