Lisa Farrall: a Hair Stylist with a Cause

How many of you do your hair every day? Blow dry, style, and all that? You ladies, we commend you! It takes a lot of time and creativity and you all should be proud of yourselves. This girl – Lisa Farrell – is not only a finalist in the 2016 British Hair Awards, she is also a magician who speaks through her work. One of her latest collections – Armour – has won first place at The Black Hair Awards in not one, not two, but three categories! This gorgeous collection does not only speak and represent African culture – it also empowers women and is totally fierce! We just can’t get enough – take a look for yourself.



This fearless but calm beauty with her detailed hair and makeup just begs us to hear her story.



Or how about this somewhat Egyptian motif in the form of hair art?

A gorgeous colorful take on how diverse we all actually are.



A model-esque take on today’s hairstyles accented by even more striking makeup.

Oh, those captivating eyes. Don’t they just stare into your soul?



A gorgeous take on traditional culture aspects. Oh, and don’t you just want to borrow that skirt?

Braids for days. Accented by those awesome earrings and a breathtaking black leather top.



Or this powerful leader look with a combination of dreads and updo hairstyle. Killer!

This more sensitive approach to being stripped of anything and everything.



A stunning image of a beauty in a wind. Literally #goals.

More clear cut with sharp bangs and white-out ends. Gorgeous!



This rebel with a cause on her way to change the world with her wavy short hair.



Wow! We need to take a deep breath after all this beauty. Did you enjoy it? Which one was your favorite? Do you spend a lot of time styling yourself for the day? Tell us in the comments below!