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Long Hair Hairstyles For Going Out


Long Hair Hairstyles For Going OutWhen deciding what hairstyle to go for we first must consider where are we going. There’s many options for going out and you might want to style your hair appropriately. For example it would probably be a bit weird to show up to a wedding with a full blown mohawk (unless that’s what you’re into, in which case, go ahead and let your freak flag fly high, you go girl! ), whereas it’s completely appropriate and cool for a club night or a rock concert. So in order to avoid such a fiasco let’s have a look at the different meanings of “going out”.
Going out includes so many options it’s difficult to keep count. There’s grand events like weddings, there’s more official events like work parties or business meetings, there’s the casual clubbing, concerts and house parties, there’s romantic dates in the restaurant or picnics out in the park, new years parties, birthday parties. All of these occasions fall under the category of going out. Lets try and divide them into 3 categories: fancy, casual and I’m a rockstar get me out of here.



Long Hair Hairstyles For Going OutFancy hairstyles are appropriate for grand occasions like weddings but are also suitable for romantic nights out. The basic idea is that a fancy hairstyle is an updo. Buns, bouffants, braided buns, side updos, chignons, even high braids and elegant ponytails are all considered to be updos. You just have to pick what suits best for your face and the occasion. Probably don’t go with a ponytail to a wedding, but for a romantic picnic a messy, ponytail with a lot of volume and side pieces to frame the face seems like a great idea.




Long Hair Hairstyles For Going OutCasual hairstyles are the ones that don’t look too complicated and don’t take too much time but still make you look fabulous. Those are perfect for house parties, music festivals, concerts, BBQs, casual dates. So basically half-updos or just letting your hair down and making it wavy, curly, perhaps incorporating a braid, twist, a headband or some nice hair accessories is what you’re aiming for.



Long Hair Hairstyles For Going OutI’m a rockstar get me out of here is what we call a hairstyle that’s really out there. Something that screams for attention and can’t be ignored. You might think “why would i want that, i don’t think there’s an occasion when that’s appropriate” and you’d be wrong. Think about themed parties, Halloween, edgy clubs and Lady gaga concerts. Wouldn’t you want to look freaking impressive then? Yeah, we thought as much. Mohawks, huge Amy Winehouse bouffants, or mermaid hair – all these can be achieved at home. But if you want something even more creative than that you’ll have to take a picture and go to a hair salon. Good luck!