Long Hair vs Short Hair: Men’s Incredible Transformations

Have you ever looked at a guy you know, or perhaps even a stranger on the street and thought: “man, you need a haircut”? Men are creatures of habit and a lot of them don’t really like change. If they find something they like or think that it works for them – they will stick with it for YEARS.
Fashion, however, moves forward and while we’re not saying everyone should be slave to fashion, some guys should really man up and opt for a stylish haircut once in a while. Today we’ll show you 15 examples of men who instantly transformed into a better version of themselves just by having a haircut.



1. What was this guy going for with those long blonde locks? I mean, if his main frame of work was shampoo commercials, that’s fair enough. But if that’s not the case, Goldilocks, you better get it chopped off.



2. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a girl, but this guy does look way better with short hair, am I right?

3. There’s a time and a place for long hair, but if you don’t take care of your hair and just let it be a wild, frizzy mess it’s better to get it cut.

4. Again, with the frizz. Why can’t men just condition their hair or something? If you’re not going to commit to some hair products just cut it off.



5. It’s hard to come up with something to say about this guy’s hair when he’s looking at you with those big beautiful eyes. But you’ve got to agree, the short hair suits him just as much as the dreads. So why not embrace the change?

6. Do you ever get mistaken for a rather broad shouldered women from the back? Then it’s definitely time to visit the barbershop.

7. Hobo much? Why would anyone want to look like that? A receding hairline can’t be fixed by just growing the rest of your hair extra long. So chop-chop.



8. That Jesus look is getting old. A fresh haircut and a beard trim did a world of difference for this guy.

9. So much hair, so little volume. Wanna know what could provide you with an instant fix? That’s right – a good haircut.

10. What is that hairstyle and weird fuzz doing on his face? He looked like a weird teenager attempting to grow a beard and failing miserably. Thank God he came to his senses and cleaned himself up.



11. Again, with the bearded Jesus look. If you’re determined to rock that style, at least try to go for a cool, modern Jesus look, with a better do and neater beard.

12. Isn’t it amazing how a haircut and a beard trim transformed this guy from a hairy mess to a French film critic?

13. This guy looks like he hasn’t taken cared of himself since the 80’s. The frizzy hair/beard combo just aged him and made him look like a hippy or a hobo, not sure which. A good haircut can take years off your face, gentlemen.



14. From looking like a hustler to looking like a million bucks in one haircut. It’s that easy.

15. That weird uncle aesthetic really wasn’t working for this guy. But one good haircut, and suddenly he’s mister attractive.