Matte Manicures You’ll Be Obsessed With

Matte has been all over the beauty world recently, and we’re not too upset about it – especially when it comes to nails! Shiny manicures are so yesterday thanks to these mega-chic options. It makes playing with neutrals so much more fun – and don’t get us started on those sexy, darker shades. Step up your manicure game with these unusual but on point looks.



1. This mesmerizing purple look is not too vampy, but has the perfect dark-yet-elegant balance. Looks great on longer nails. Cute, but still a little goth.



2. Elevate your red nail to this matte ombre upgrade. It’s more surprising than a classic red matte, and the subtle gradient will look awesome with any outfit.

3. Who can say no to some long and luscious black matte nails? Shiny black polish seems so yesterday – this look looks high-end, and badass. A staple in any matte polish lover’s kit.

4. Neutral matte doesn’t have to be boring – if you think that it is, throw these perfectly placed rhinestones to add a feminine and sparkly touch.



5. Loving the shiny addition to this matte manicure. The stripe at the top add a flash of classiness, and a surprising but subtle detail that will look great next to some stacked rings.

6. This hot-pink, stunning look reminds us of Mattel – and we’ve never wanted to look like Barbie more! Especially with those small gold studs that dot one finger on each hand. We are in love.

7. Ok, we already featured an ombre nail. But this deeper burgundy was so flawlessly applied and so inspirational #manigoals that we simply had to post it. Burgundy and black ombre for the win.



8. Wow. This looks like a piece of art! The chalky cream evolution of the moon against a matte navy background will make your inner wolf howl.

9. This gold feather stencil against the soft teal ombre is so lovely, We especially love the fade into a neutral – so Grecian-inspired and perfect for summer.

10. The black and neutral complement each other perfectly. We love that this design isn’t so symmetrical – but the cohesive look of the hand gives such a chic end result. Play around with this series painted on different fingers.



11. Obsessed with the idea of a matte black manicure with the perfect usage of negative space. It’s called a tuxedo manicure, and you’re going to spend your whole weekend attempting to perfect it.

12. Even if Easter isn’t coming up, this pretty pastel manicure will still make you swoon! Great for those who usually go with neutrals and are cautiously stepping out of their comfort zone. The perfect girls’ night manicure.

13. This black-on-white look is stark, and unique. The poetic design consists of birds flying away, and a stray feather.

14. We’re so into this funky manicure. And this whole look, to be honest. The pastel on matte black reminds us of colored chalk from our childhood (in the best way possible), and we love the fun usage of symbols like hashtags and other internet symbols.