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Nail Trends of Summer 2014


Nail Trends of Summer 2014Summer is a time for bright and brave choices. Leave behind the boring pastels and the rich dark hues of autumn and winter. Embrace bold bright colours, perhaps even neons? Shimmers, glitters, wild patterns and florals. You want your nails to reflect the beautiful warm weather and the great adventures it brings. Whether you’re going to the beach, a pool party, on a sea adventure on a boat or just hanging out at a BBQ in someone’s backyard – you can make your nails match the occasion. The possibilities are endless and the designs range from quick 2 minute easy manicures, that will add a splash of colour, to intricate designs that might take longer but will be worth the while in the end. And even if you’re not going anywhere or doing anything special – having bright, colourful nails will always cheer you up. Here are a few options you might find useful:



Nail Trends of Summer 2014The first, most obvious, in terms of incorporating many colours, and easy option is rainbow nails. There are three ways of doing these all with varying levels of difficulty and some take more time and effort than the others. The easiest option is just painting each nail with a different nail polish colour going in order of rainbow colours. Another option is drawing a rainbow or colourful stripes on each nail. That will take the longest and requires precision. And then there’s a surprisingly easy (even though it looks complicated) option of doing an ombre rainbow fade across your nails.  This will go with virtually anything. You’ve got all the colours you might wear in the summer and your nails will compliment your outfit. Even if you don’t wear many bright colours, your rainbow nails will be a nice contrast to your outfit and add a summery vibe to it.


Nail Trends of Summer 2014Dots are by far the easiest and most versatile design you can do. Depending on your choice, taste, mood or preference you can do small dots or big dots, polka dots, arrange them in shape or just go for randomness and colour. The best thing about it, is that you don’t need any special tools. A toothpick will do. Use a coat of clear polish first and then do a bunch of colours, or choose a background colour. It’s all up to you. The end result will look amazing no matter what you choose. It’s pretty much impossible to mess this up.



Nail Trends of Summer 2014Neon nails are perfect for summer. It’s the brightest option of all. Nothing says summer better than neons, and if you can get your hands on some of those glow in the dark nails – you’ve hit a jackpot. In case you can’t commit to flashy bright neon nails just yet, a good way to start might be incorporating some neon accents into your regular manicures. Do neon french tips, or just go for a geometrical design and make one of the sections on each nail – neon. If you’re a fan of floral nail art you can try this nifty design – neon florals.


Nail Trends of Summer 2014A really cool summery nail art idea is to try a Beachy theme on your nails. Sounds intimidating but it’s really not. Some light blue background, some beige tips and a little sprinkle of gold glitter is all you need. Some shell accents will make your nail design stand out even more. It’s not that difficult to pull of and the design looks smashing. Your friends will be jealous that they haven’t thought of it themselves.


Nail Trends of Summer 2014Finally if you find these designs too intricate and time consuming here’s one tip that will make your nails look awesome and trendy this summer: White nailpolish. White nails are in! You can just go for plain white, or add some colour streaks on top of that, either way you’ll look trendy and effortless. And isn’t that what everyone wants this summer?


Nail Trends of Summer 2014There you go, those are our 5 nail trends for summer that everyone can easily do on their own if they have 10 spare minutes. These, of course are not your only choices. Summer is a wonderful time, get inspired, get creative, draw an octopus on your nails if you want. It’s all up to you :)