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Neutral Manicures That Are Work-Appropriate But Make A Statement


There’s nothing that completes the ultimate boss-lady outfit like the right manicure, and nothing that will get you weird, judgemental looks like wrong manicure. Stay away from IG-worthy, non-functional claws and bright red glitter looks. In a traditional workplace, it’s usually better to keep it neutral. But that doesn’t have to mean boring! Here are the most chic work-friendly manicures that you’ll nail without even trying!



1. This neutral and rose gold manicure is the perfect way to add a little bit of sparkles to a perfectly office-appropriate mani. The thin stripes and single metallic look is perfect with almost any outfit choice.



2. This pink and gold look with a delicate black tip-lining is absolute perfection, not just for the workplace, but any occasion we can think of. It’s like a mini ring for each of your nails! Sleek on short or slightly longer nails.

3. This blush and white ombre look with a single jewel on each ring finger is so sublime, but looks tricky to pull off in a DIY version so we suggest going pro for this look. It has a subtle barely-there look that is clean, minimal, and very pretty in pink.

4. Sort of similar to the jewel on the last one, but we love the unique exposure of the nail bed and a square tip with this cream Essie shade. The cluster of three jewels on each fingers is surprisingly understated and looks perfect at the point where polish-meets nail-bed, here.




5. There’s nothing wrong with a classic! A matte, taupe shade is always extremely stylish and classy for in the office, or after work get-togethers. Apply it in clean, solid coats, to a slightly filed and elongated oval shape, like this manicurista!

6. This is another neutral to white ombre that’s so clean, and looks perfect on short nails (no 3-inch acrylics in the office, yet, sorry ladies). The white upper edge gives a clean, minimal finish while the nude-pink OPI shade softens the look up a little.

7. Sorry guys, we’re really digging these exposed nail-bed looks. It’s a helpful way to add depth and dimension to a manicure without adding obnoxious color that will make your co-workers side-eye how extra you are. The white line in the midpoint contrasts nicely with your natural nail-bed and the classic light pink adorning the top part. Play around with the color of the line to mix things up a little.



8. This peach inverted triangle with a golden dot at the base of each nail-bed is so simple, but just in time for spring. We clearly adore the exposed nail-bed, but love the twist of the inverted triangle on this one. What cutout shapes would you play with?

9. A slightly darker muted look for those who aren’t really about the light pink and cream shade. Matte dark brown, square cut nails complement a milky brown-tan single finger with impressive but still low-key nail art painted on, and bejeweling on a few of the beds.