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Rainbow Freckles: A Whimsical Beauty Trend You’ll Adore


We’ve seen rainbow hair, bright eyeshadow, neon eyeliner, colorful brows and even leopard print lips. From the most recent trends of 2016 we can already see that it will be a colorful year. First it was glow in the dark hair, now it’s all about colored freckles. I’ve got to be honest, colored freckles look very cute. I know it’s still early on in the year to say this, but I think it’s my favorite trend of 2016. Seriously, how can anyone not like this trend? It’s bright and colorful, yet kind of subtle. Doesn’t it just fill you up with joy? Doesn’t it make you excited for spring? I can already see how this trend would be incredibly popular for music festivals or dress up parties, but there’s a little part of me that wishes this trend would become popular enough to make it appropriate for everyday life.




Colored freckles, or rainbow freckles, look great with both bright and natural hair colors. They add a pop of color to your otherwise perfectly natural look.

With brightly colored hairstyles they look almost natural. They complement the brightly colored hair and add to the funky style.

When it comes to choosing the color of your freckles you can either choose a few shades of the same color and try to go for a gradient effect, or just choose two or three complementing colors and go wild.

Rainbow freckles are also an awesome way to compliment your bright makeup. Who said that if you have bright yellow eyeshadow you should keep the rest of your makeup neutral? Rules are there to be broken.

Colored freckles can compliment your lipstick too. Just choose the right colors and let your creativity take the lead.

Now that you’ve seen how awesome colored freckles look, here’s a tutorial that will show you how to recreate this awesome whimsical trend.