Size Matters: 60’s Hair Trends

2016 is all about minimalism. We try to buy minimalist looking clothes, we don’t accessorize that much, only picking one small piece to add to. We decorate our homes in quite a minimalistic fashion. We all try to avoid clutter at all cost and have as few possessions as possible, and even those should preferably be slick, monochrome and minimalistic. It wasn’t always like that. Especially in the 60’s.

Have you even heard the saying “the bigger- the better”? Well that seemed to be the motto in the 1960’s for absolutely everything. People preferred buying big cars, big houses and strangely enough this tendency didn’t omit hairstyles for women.

It really was the time to go all out when it comes to volume. Not that we don’t like volume in our hair these days, but women in the 1960’s were on a whole different level. The things they did with their hair then was pretty incredible.

The bouffant and the beehive were probably the most famous and popular hairstyles in those days. To create both women back combed their hair like crazy and then set it with horrifying amounts of hairspray so that they would stay put. We can only imagine how that hair felt to the touch, probably a bit like a helmet, but those were the sacrifices you had to make to look cool in the 60’s.

Just imagining how hard it must’ve been to then untangle and wash the hair makes me cringe, which is probably why women often wore a hairstyle for a couple of days at a time. How did they sleep with this hair will always remain a mystery to me.

However, there were easier options that required less work. Bobs were pretty fashionable too. Women still teased their hair to achieve a voluminous bob, but I think we can all agree, that is much more manageable than a beehive.

The easiest option that was readily available were wigs, which were made from real hair. Wigs were so popular in the 60’s people didn’t even try to pretend that it was their own hair. It wasn’t a secret and women proudly bought and wore all sorts of wigs. It was quite popular to own a couple of different wigs, all with different hairstyles. Wigs were made in cap shape, so you can easily put it on, almost like a hat and wear it.

Hairpieces were also quite fashionable. One might think it was a slightly more subtle way to add width, height and volume to your hairstyle, and perhaps you could get away with people thinking you just naturally have a lot of thick hair. But really, 60’s were not about being subtle. Size really did matter when it came to hairstyles, ladies.