These Women Stole Hair Inspiration From Men And Turned It Into Real Awesomeness!

Looking for a new way to express yourself? Today, when many of us have got a tattooed body, piercing or hair dyed in non-traditional bright colors, including color-melting and ombre-style, it is hard to find more original methods of getting noticed. And becoming a freak is not the answer, because we’ve got a new beautiful trend of 2016, boldly stolen from da boys – it’s called undercut!
This one is pretty hardcore and an extreme type of haircut, which involves very short or even shaved hair in temple areas or around the nape of the neck (or sometimes both areas).
Undercuts have an awe-inspiring amount of positive sides: it is a good way to show how bold you actually are, it is giving an extra edgy-edge to your look. There are plenty of variants on how to style this haircut, your hair won’t be holding in extra heat during the hot summer that’s for sure and… you can hide the closely trimmed areas with the rest of your hair or rock it whenever you feel like doing it! It’s like a hair style you can turn on/off depending on your mood and/or the occasion.
As with many others, this haircut may or may not flatter you, so it is better to ask a hairstylist to give a professional opinion on (a) if you should go with this look and (b) if so to pick the optimal variant. And for now, here is your new gallery of undercut inspirations.



1. Once you try – there’s no turning back. And why not if it looks good on you? Also, undercuts may include pretty cute patterns and elements.

2. Why not combine colorful ombre-style hair with an undercut? This one is a real Peek-A-Boo! You see a cute hairstyle of a princess at first sight, and in the next moment it appears so edgy and just plain cool!

3. If you like a subtle hairstyle, but want to add a bit of peculiarity to your look, here’s what you definitely should do. The shaved detail will complete your bob and will even give it more volume.

4. Make a definitive accent on your face – shaving one or both temple areas. The hair will lay nicer and won’t bother you again!

5. Glitter makes almost anything look fabulous, but in this case, it is really where it should be. And no extra decoration for your style needed. Finding glitter that matches your hair color is the main thing here.

6. An undercut with long hair is like an extra option for your hairstyle: hide it or show it off making a bun or a pony. Everyday there’s a choice.

7. You can also dye your short hair and look just fantastic!

8. Adding a cool texture to your haircut will grab all the attention. Make sure you choose a hairdresser who knows what s/he’s doing, otherwise, you will have to struggle until your hair grows back.

9. Adding braids may change the whole look and emphasis of your undercut.

10. Let your undercut hairstyle hide your cute little secrets! And this one is a winner in the “cuteness game”.