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Top 10 Weird Instagram Eyebrow Trends of 2017


Remember the days when a bushy or contoured brow was all you needed to hop on the brow trend bandwagon? Well, this year has opened up a real Pandora’s box of strange brow trends – from squiggles on your face to a plethora of colors, these are some truly bold looks. Would you dare to experiment with any of them?



1. Wavy/squiggle brows
This bizarre trend has been showing up everywhere from IG beauty gurus to the runway. If you don’t look like Cara Delevingne, some might think this is impossible to pull off. Would you try it? Kind of looks like your eyebrows are running away from you.



2. Feather brows
This bushy trend styled with vaseline makes your brows look like a feather plume. A Finnish blogger came up with the splayed look. Bottom part brushed down, top part brushed up…not for the faint-hearted or thin-browed!

3. Dragon brows
Vaseline can also help out with this trend which involves some upward brushing. Maybe “Game of Thrones” fans will be interested in this one? Also sort of reminds us of a picket fence. Maybe stick with this look for Halloween instead of a first date.




4. Rainbow brows
Either show your support for pride, or loud colors with this bold, Coachella-esque trend? Each segment of your eyebrow gets a different color – play with colors that correspond with your skin tone, eye color, or hair color. Color with pigmented eyeshadow or semi-perm dyes!

5. Bleached brows
Do invisibrows sound appealing to you? Those who love thick dark brows will hate this. Models and celebs have been trying this look for a while, and looks wildly different on different complexions. Miley and Amber Rose tried this trend out – would you?



6. Foil brows
Not far off from metallic brows, this look can either get really editorial, or really ratchet. Usually the latter, if you’re not a professional makeup artist. Basically, you just cut your own brow shape out of foil, and stick it to your eyebrow with eyelash glue. We think you should go with the Face Lace ones to stay safe.

7. Triple brows
Two brows aren’t enough, so why not wear six? This look is very ‘80s, and adds immediate dimension to a makeup look, looking striking on a bare face. Basically, under your actual eyebrows, two half length, ombre’d tails are drawn beneath, because more brows are always better.

8. Metallic brows
Costume or eyebrow art? You can either wear a metallic brow stencil over your brows, if they’re sparse, or you can actually line them with a metallic mascara or brow brush, and end up looking like an intergalactic Tinkerbell. Would you go silver or gold?



9. Barbed wire brows
This look sweeps some brow hair ups, and the others down, mimicking the sharp, splayed look of barbed wire. We can see some androgynous Leo DiCaprio rocking this spiky look created by makeup artist Athena Paginton.

10. Carved brows
Apparently, people are also calling this smoky brows. Thick brows basically get stencilled by an outline similar to one that lines a smoky eye. Some would say it might look like stencilled street art a little too hard, but if you don’t have that concrete line, things could go raccoon style real quick.