What Your Dream Hair Colour Is Based On Your Zodiac

Let’s start by acknowledging that you are totally free to choose your own hair color depending on what you think suits you more, your mood, or even on a whim, because it’s hair, it’ll grow back, it’s what it does. However, if you’re curious about what hair color would suit you based on your Zodiac – feel free to keep reading. We tried our best to chose these funky hair colors based on the most prominent character traits that certain Zodiac signs are known for and our interpretation of that.



1. Aries – Bright Red
Aries are usually passionate, confident and fierce, they work hard and try to accomplish a lot, which makes them stand out in a crowd. So why not accentuate that even more with a crimson red mane of hair. We think bright red is a great color for Aries because it reflects their passion for life and their natural tendency to stand out.



2.Taurus – Deep Green
Taurus is actually quite a calm and caring sign. It’s usually the most caring person in a friend group, one that will listen to everyone and try to give the best advice. Sure, they can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, but so is nature. So we think deep green is a great color to reflect that.

3. Gemini – Bright Yellow
Geminis are generally very optimistic and bubbly people. They seem to be happy and excited all the time, and that’s because they have a very curious nature and are constantly exploring the world around them and learning new things. They exude positive energy, so we think bright yellow is a great color for them.



4. Cancer – Platinum blonde
Cancers are known for being thoughtful, loyal, creative and knowledgeable. They approach all situations with an open mind, and like to think everything through before doing anything, which usually makes them good friends, and responsible workers. We think white is a great color for them because it symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

5. Leo – Orange
Leos are generally very confident, funny and caring. They will fight for what they believe is right and will protect those close to them with everything they have. They can be quite dramatic, but that’s only because they truly believe in their cause. Leos also have a very warm personality, so we think any warm color will suit them, from soft honey tones to bright oranges.



6. Virgo – Light Blue
Virgo’s are kind, caring and hardworking. They also have a very analytical brain, which means they love calculating everything and seeing all the possible outcomes. They’re smart and practical. Virgos are also loyal friends and partners. We think grey or light blue hair would suit them because it’ll set them apart without being too out there.

7. Libra – Violet
Libras are social, peaceful and fair. They avoid pointless confrontations and are generally the peacemakers in a group. They like to see everyone’s perspective, evaluate the situation and help to resolve problems in a calm and peaceful manner. However, they aren’t exactly scared of standing up for themselves and what they believe in. They don’t give up under pressure, in fact that makes them work harder and be more fierce. Violet or purple is a great choice for them because it’s a soft, non-aggressive color, but it definitely stands out and shows how unique they are.



8. Scorpio – Wine Red
Scorpios are brave, stubborn, but loyal. If you’ve managed to become their friends, that usually means you’ll be friends for life. They will protect their friend and family until the end and will go out of their way to make sure they’re ok. They can be quite emotional sometimes, and aren’t afraid of expressing their feelings, but that’s their way of showing how much they care. We think wine red is a great color for them because it reflects their emotional side and how deep their feelings usually are.

9. Sagittarius – Navy Blue
Sagittarius ladies are blessed with a great sense of humor. They’re funny, witty and are always ready to make you smile. They can cheer you up in any situation. But that doesn’t mean they’re clowns. They just like looking on the bright side of life and ignore the pointless little problems that bring us down. Electric blue or navy blue is a great color for them.



10. Capricorn – Black
Capricorns are confident, disciplined and responsible, which makes us think that black will suit them a lot. This color requires a lot of confidence to pull off and a lot of discipline and care for upkeep. Capricorns can also be quite moody sometimes and what color would reflect that better than black? It’s basically great for both looking confident and sophisticated and looking edgy, and it just so happens that Capricorns can be both.

11. Aquarius – Silver
If you’ve ever met an Aquarius you’ll know that they care about the world a lot. They care about nature and try to do their best to preserve it and help it thrive. They’re very wise, and deeply knowledgeable about the environment and very modern in their beliefs and worldviews. Silver is a natural fit for them, because it’s a very modern and even futuristic color, yet it reflects how wise they are.



12. Pisces – Rose Gold
Pisces are known for being gentle, empathetic and quite artistic. They see the best in people around them and are very spiritual in their beliefs. They’re drawn to art and are generally quite good at expressing themselves through it. They can also be quite dreamy and sometimes a bit naive, so we think rose gold or pastel pink is a great way to showcase their gentle nature.