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8 Ayurvedic Ways to Boost Your Immunity This Fall

Ayurveda had been studying human life in all its aspects for thousands of years. It’s a holistic knowledge that views the human body as a part of a larger system. This means there are several paths you can take to improve your health and protect your body when it gets cold outside.

10 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue or green algae that are often sold as a food supplement in health stores and are often featured in skincare products. It’s also something we often see added to smoothies to make them extra healthy. So is it good for your health and body?

8 Best Tips On Getting More Flexible

Being flexible isn’t just for yogis and gymnasts. It’s also not just about being able to do the splits or twist yourself into a pretzel. Being flexible is beneficial for your muscles and ligaments and it’s a great way to keep your body loose and pain-free.

Top 10 DIY Scalp Scrubs

Scrubbing your scalp can unclog pores and promote healthy future growth. Keep hair glossy as ever and within budget with our favorite DIY scalp scrubs.

The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Bangs are quite a controversial topic. On one hand, when you get them right, they’re cool and quirky, they can completely transform your look and make your haircut more interesting and chic. On the other hand, bangs also have this bad reputation of something you get when you’re going through some stuff or having a crisis.