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8 Amazing Ways Olive Oil Can Boost Your Beauty

Olive oil is one of the greatest moisturizes you’ll ever find and it doesn’t contain any additives or chemicals whatsoever. You can use it for hand creams, hair masks, face treatments, and even to detoxify your whole body!

The Unknown History of Hair Colour

It turns out ancient women were also into hair colouring and have been doing it for thousands of years! Here’s the history of hair colour you had no idea about.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Red Lipstick

There’s no doubt about it – red is a head-turning color that’s sure to get attention. Silence even says that red is highly associated with power and strength, and that the color itself can generate success as well as make you appear more attractive to the opposite gender. It even has a name – “the red dress effect.” Here’s how to maximize that red look on yourself without committing a fashion faux pas.

How to Remove Dip Powder Manicures at Home

Dip powder nails have truly revolutionized manicure for thousands of women. They last longer, keeping the nail polish intact and chip-free for weeks, and look absolutely gorgeous. A high-quality dip powder nail manicure can last up to a month! Still, that moment comes when you need to take them off, which usually requires a trip to a salon. But that is not the only way you can do that!

How to Cut Your Bangs at Home

In most cases, we’d never suggest you learn how to cut your own bangs, but since we’re all in the midst of a global pandemic and feel like everything is out of control, we understand the urges to at least control your hairstyle.

8 Hair Washing Myths Every Woman Should Know About

Hair washing seems to be one of the most ordinary and mundane hair care routines in the world. We know so much about it that we don’t even think twice before doing it! Well, it turns out there are dozens of hair washing myths and most of the women are doing things absolutely wrong.

Yoga Progress Then and Now

Everyone who enjoys yoga and practices it regularly has come to it on their own at the right time in their life. And if you’re discouraged by pictures of people doing complicated yoga poses and feel like you’ll never be capable of doing them – perhaps it’s just not your time yet. Because that level of flexibility and strength that you see practiced by yoga enthusiasts takes time and effort.

What Happens When You Stop Washing Your Hair

You must have already heard about the famous ‘no poo movement’ and maybe even considering giving it a try, but before you do there are a few facts you need to know. The no poo-ers completely give up using chemical shampoos and choose natural ingredients to cleanse their hair. Some people go even further and decide to use water only!

Face Masks For Acne Prone Skin

Lots of beauty companies these days make lots of spot treatments, anti pimple face masks, acne masks, etc. But do face masks actually get rid of pimples? Well, they can definitely help on a surface level. Today we’re going to tell you about a couple of face masks you can make at home DIY style that can help with acne-prone skin.