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All You Need to Know About Magnetic Lashes

The fake eyelash game is constantly evolving, and the beauty industry is officially obsessed. Amongst a sea of growth serums, lash extension or curling devices and mascaras that lengthen, it’s clear that women want one thing: longer lashes. False eyelashes are notoriously hard to apply, and technicians are expensive to go to (also: quarantine) so the clear DIY solution is magnetic eyelashes. Due to the magnets, they can curve easier.

Viral 74 Year Old Fitness Lover Defies Aging

If this Instagram account is about to prove anything, it’s that age is most certainly nothing but a number. Joan MacDonald is 74 and proud, but most importantly, she’s gone through a fitness transformation so inspiring, she has over 702,000 fans.

8 Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

It’s a well-known fact that Koreans love their beauty routines. And it pays off! Whether young or old, man or woman, their skin always looks flawless and glowing – all due to the fact that they spend a considerable amount of time on various beauty products.

The Best & Worst Hairstyles For Women

Bad haircuts can ruin your mood for days if not weeks or months while you’re waiting for your hair to grow out. Just like good haircuts can make your day and make your life that much easier for the foreseeable future.

7 Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

Mined from the depths of the Himalayan Mountains, this salt has been lying deep underground under thick layers of snow, ice, and hard lava for thousands of years. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise that this pristine salt has some really amazing health benefits.

Everything to Know About Eyebrow Waxing at Home

With so many salons being closed, women all over are being forced to deal with their untamed, wild brows alone at home. This might seem especially intimidating if you like a more complex brow shape, or if you religiously go to a salon to get your brows waxed. Here are our favorite eyebrow waxing tips of all time to save you from that unibrow.

Must-Know Facts About BB Cream

The world of makeup can be very confusing, just the sheer amount of products can be overwhelming, but then when you sort them into categories there’s still a mystery why there are many things that seem to do the same thing.

Low Cheekbones vs. High Cheekbones: Everything You Need to Know

When people talk about “good bone structure” in the face, they’re often referring to cheekbones, which is your real facial structure beneath the skin. If the malar bones are close up to the eyes, you’re considered to have high cheekbones. If they sit lower towards the tip of your nose, then you most likely have lower cheekbones. Neither is better than the other…

10 Ways Beauty Salons Are Deceiving You

We all like going to hair salons sometimes – to get all pampered up for a date, straighten our unruly locks, or simply get a gorgeous haircut that will make us feel better in general. But like every industry beauty salons have a dark side not many people know about.