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What The Cast Of Girls Is Doing Today

It was known for its controversy and bold subject matter. With it being such a hit, rumors have been swirling that Dunham may be in talks with HBO to rehash an “older wiser version of the quintessential millennial series.” But 10 years later after the original show debuted, what has the cast been up to?

Tori Spelling’s Most Cringe Moments

A lot of her life has happened in front of viewers, and much like the Kardashians, Spelling doesn’t care that her flaws are put on display for the world to see. Instead, she likes being authentic and having fun with it.

Sketchy Things We Ignore About The Spice Girls

At the time, they were spreading a message of girl power, which was rare in the very problematic ‘90s. But as wholesome as they appeared, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses with the Spice Girls. Here are all the sketchy things we ignore about them. 

10 Celebs Who Were Blacklisted from Hollywood

The reasons for getting blacklisted vary, and can range from altercations with other celebrities, committing terrible crimes, or just getting on the bad side of some important people. Some of these celebs on this list may surprise you, but you may realize that you have not seen them featured in much for a while.