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10 Celebs Who Were Blacklisted from Hollywood

The reasons for getting blacklisted vary, and can range from altercations with other celebrities, committing terrible crimes, or just getting on the bad side of some important people. Some of these celebs on this list may surprise you, but you may realize that you have not seen them featured in much for a while.

The Most Iconic Malia and Sasha Obama Moments Over The Years

It’s been six years since the Obama family led the United States and resided in the White House, and today, the family is very different from how we remember them. During Barack’s time in office, Malia and Sasha were just little girls. Today, they’ve blossomed into stunning and smart young women with their own goals.

8 Powerful Women in Science

Women in science have never had it easy. Today, we want to say their names as much as possible and share the stories that blazed new trails in different science fields.

Where Is Anna Delvey Today?

The con artist Anna Sorokin, whom you might know as Anna Delvey, was thrown back in the spotlight after Netflix released their show Inventing Anna starring Julia Garner.

Top 10 TV Mean Girls

No YA or teen show is complete without a mean girl. After all, we need the perfect anti-heroine to pit against the hero. We love to hate her — she’s often beautiful, popular and has that confident queen bee quality that other doesn’t come easily to others.