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12 of the Best Celebrity Mullets of All Time

There isn’t a hairstyle more controversial than the mullet. Either way, mullets are back with a vengeance, and it’s time to pay tribute with the most iconic celebrities who jumped on the mullet bandwagon at some point over the years.

6 Most Powerful Girl Bosses in Hollywood

These applaudable women are indicative of a major shift in Hollywood towards a more inclusive set and crew, and a behind the scenes culture that is host to an array of female talent across every role and facet of film and television production.

10 Funniest Women in Hollywood

For a long time it was a real challenge for women in particular to break through in the entertainment industry. But fortunately times are changing and the list of funny women is growing.

Stars Who Have Lost Weight During The Last Year

The last year represented struggles for a lot of different people. But it’s also been a time for us to re-evaluate our current lives and priorities — celebrities included. Many stars have undergone serious weight loss transformations.

Emmy Rossum’s Transformation

Emmy Rossum has recently taken up a new role that has the entertainment industry and her fans all chattering about her stunning transformation. Want to learn more about Emmy Rossum and her shift to this new role?