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Why Sommer Ray Is Not Your Average Instagram Model

Sommer Ray is a fitness model and social media hit with over 25 million followers on Instagram. You might wonder how a fitness influencer skyrocketed to such fame with these staggering numbers in such a short amount of time, leaving many people asking: who exactly is Sommer Ray?

12 of the Best Celebrity Mullets of All Time

There isn’t a hairstyle more controversial than the mullet. Either way, mullets are back with a vengeance, and it’s time to pay tribute with the most iconic celebrities who jumped on the mullet bandwagon at some point over the years.

6 Most Powerful Girl Bosses in Hollywood

These applaudable women are indicative of a major shift in Hollywood towards a more inclusive set and crew, and a behind the scenes culture that is host to an array of female talent across every role and facet of film and television production.

10 Funniest Women in Hollywood

For a long time it was a real challenge for women in particular to break through in the entertainment industry. But fortunately times are changing and the list of funny women is growing.