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13 Spectacular Glitter Beards On Instagram

Ok, the #glitterbeard trend on social media might be slightly embarrassing, and not very practical, but it is still glorious. Tons of sexy lumberjack men with magical fairy dust perfectly coating their beards? Nothing shouts “I’m confident in my manhood” than a muscular man who is down to rub some pink sparkles into his facial hair.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Review (Spoilers)

First and foremost let’s celebrate the fact that Sherlock is finally back in our life, even if it is just for 1 special episode. It’s been two years since The Last Vow aired back in January 2014 and the fans of the show were dying to see some Sherlock action. The Abominable Bride aired on January 1st and that certainly was the best New Year’s gift any Sherlock fan could’ve hoped for.

12 Stars Who Came Out Of The Closet In 2015

3. Ingrid Nilsen
Ingrid is the cutest button of a beauty blogger and she has millions of fans that tune in for her beauty tips. The video in which she comes out to her fans is pretty emotional, and if it doesn’t affect you, you have a heart of steel.

6 Most D-Evil Women in History

Women are magnificent creatures. We can be physically weaker than men. We need protection and comfort. We are afraid of mice, spiders and heights. We don’t like to leave our comfort zones, and cry over the drama movies.
But don’t buy that stereotypes. Do not mess with a woman in anger. Do not stand on her way because you don’t know what she is capable of. Behind each pretty face there can be a dangerous, harsh and merciless iron lady. The following list of the most cruel women in history proves that a women can be…pure evil.

These Kids Take Better Selfies Than You

We should admit it: Selfies are taking over the world and kids as “selfie-takers” can take memorable shots that we all can love. And those selfies taken by kiddos are always (or almost always) adorable. Make sure you see all the gallery of kids’ selfies below. I promise it will make your day for sure!

15 of the Best Christmas and New Year Movies

Yeah, it’s December already, the New Year is on its way! And even if it’s the most wonderful time of the year, many people view the holiday season truly depressing. Not only do you need to buy people presents but also prepare yourself for New Year’s resolutions and a new life. Bet you need an injection of holiday spirit! So hurry up, grab some popcorn or eggnog and check out the best movies according to our list.

15 Badass Feminist Celebs That You Should Make Your Role Model

Sexism and misogyny in Hollywood is an all too common and unfortunate event – but luckily, we were gifted with some feminist angels who give us hope for the future. These ladies show us to embrace our flaws, and be confident because of them, not in spite of them. These are some celebs who aren’t afraid to flaunt their girl power, and would be our dream besties.

These Celebrity Houses Will Blow Your Mind

    Celebrities earn crazy amounts of money, and a lot of them choose to spend it on crazy luxurious things. Some buy expensive cars, planes or helicopters, others choose to spend it on jewelry and designer clothes. In most cases we get to see...

The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 2015

You’ve probably heard about the 5th birthday of Instagram recently (6th of October to be exact). Due to the date, one of the most popular social media apps shared the list of the most liked Instagram photos ever. Some of them are really ancient (like...