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The 13 Most Handsome Game Of Thrones Men

Are you a GoT fangirl? If you are, you probably have a serious crush on at least one of the hotties from Game of Thrones, or perhaps a couple? If you’re not a huge fan, but you watched the show, you still know that some of those men on GoT are smoking hot. And even if you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years and still haven’t watched Game of Thrones, perhaps this will be the reason for you to start watching the show. I mean, it’s good, it’s got 26 for god’s sake. But if awards don’t sway you, perhaps these handsome men will.

Here’s What Disney Princes Would Look Like in Real Life

When you were little, you swooned at every Disney prince to grace the screen. As you grew up and out of your Disney phase, you realized that having a fantasy crush on a cartoon character was a bit sad, and so you moved on to the more real characters of television and movies. Luckily, an artist out there exists who can fulfill those childhood yearnings for animated princes, transforming them into jaw-droppingly sexy 3D portraits that even adult you will need to sit down for.

8 Real People With Superhuman Abilities

We all have our favorite superheros. Some of us are Superman fans, others prefer Batman or maybe even Spiderman. Wonder Woman is a role model for many. But all of those are fictional characters. What about real people? Do those have some superpowers? Well, turns out that they do. There’s quite a few real people who have very unusual abilities, some might even consider them to be superhumans.

11 Hollywood Celebs Who Used To Be Homeless

Today, let’s look at famous Hollywood celebs that used to be homeless. Shocking, I know, but doesn’t it make you like them even more? It’s inspiring to see how someone went from being homeless to becoming a world known Hollywood star.

Photos That Show The Insane Difference Between Instagram And Real Life

Social media can be deceptive. You see one glamorous, prepared, and ultra-filtered shot that was probably someone’s thousandth selfie. It’s a warped image of reality, and often reality is actually way more of a hoot than trying to be perfect on Instagram. Here are some life struggles that are way more relatable than a skinny, tan travel blogger’s account.

Unexpectedly Gay Actors Who Got Famous Playing Straight Characters

These famous folks in the entertainment industry sure are impressive with their entertaining skills – seeing as they role-played for the other team for so long on the silver screen! These gay stars may have come out with a bang or a little more quietly, but on the screen, they’ve definitely fooled us with their ultra-hetero roles.

3 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Significant Other

These movies throw words like ‘faith’, ‘eternal love’ and ‘forever together’ into the toilet bowl and force you to watch them being flushed away. They provide an insight into the dark side of relationships. Forget about cherubs. The gods of love are getting killed with their own arrows by monsters of routine and disillusionment in real life.

11 Surprising Photos Of Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

When it comes to celebrity photos people generally fall into 2 categories — ones that generally believe that celebs are flawless all the time, and ones that believe it’s all makeup and in real life celebs look nothing like they do on screen. In reality, it’s a bit of both. We compiled a list of pictures of famous Bollywood celebs with and without makeup, so you can take a look and be the judge.