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Peculiar Japanese Cooking Games That Will Mesmerize You

A lot of the time when we see something very strange, we immediately think “it must be Japanese”. The games we’re going to be talking about today are not an exception. You can tell they’re made in Japan from the first glance. Everything in these games is tiny, adorable and a bit weird. Now let’s take a better look at Japanese cooking games, or should we say toys?

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Is Only 10 Years Old

There’s a lot to be said about the modeling world today, when models keep getting younger and younger. Kristina Pimenova, who’s only 10, is probably the youngest supermodel. She was born in Moscow, Russia. Her parents, Glikeriya Shirokova and famous Russian footballer Ruslan Pimenov moved to France when she was 3 months old, and stayed there for a year.

12 Gorgeous Celebs Who Showed Us What Their Real & Natural Hair Looks Like

Celebrities are constantly armed with a team of makeup and hair artists who transform their natural looks into that of a performer. But when we get to see the raw and vulnerable side of celebrities outside of straighteners, wigs, and hair extensions, we can finally see their natural beauty, which we wish they had never hidden! Be proud of your true selves, ladies – these stars sure are.

10 Celebs You Never Knew Were Filipino

Since we all are a bit obsessed with celebrities, we have a lot of favorites. There’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes it’s nice to find out that your favorite celeb has the same heritage as you do. So today let’s talk about celebs you didn’t know were Filipino. It’s time for some Pinoy pride!

What’s Inside The Outrageously Expensive Oscar 2016 Gift Bags

Those lucky enough to be nominated in the Best Actor/Actress/Director category get a special Oscar gift bag that includes all sorts of goodies and treats. And we’re not talking candy and perfume samples, we’re talking $250 000 worth of luxury items. Now all that stress seems worth it, right? Lets look inside this year’s Oscar goodie bag, shall we?

10 Awesome Video Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

If you think you’re too cool for video games, and you believe that videogames are just for nerds – think again. Firstly – look outside, it’s 2016, it’s the age of nerds, nerds are in. Secondly, video games don’t have to be all gory and bloody and all about shooting. Not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying a shooter. But if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t despair, there’s other games, that are hella fun, yet you don’t have to deal with guns and bloody guts flying everywhere. That also doesn’t mean that if you don’t like shooters, the only other option is Barbie games. There’s a lot more to the gaming world. Here’s a list of videogames that both you and your boyfriend might enjoy.

13 Spectacular Glitter Beards On Instagram

Ok, the #glitterbeard trend on social media might be slightly embarrassing, and not very practical, but it is still glorious. Tons of sexy lumberjack men with magical fairy dust perfectly coating their beards? Nothing shouts “I’m confident in my manhood” than a muscular man who is down to rub some pink sparkles into his facial hair.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Review (Spoilers)

First and foremost let’s celebrate the fact that Sherlock is finally back in our life, even if it is just for 1 special episode. It’s been two years since The Last Vow aired back in January 2014 and the fans of the show were dying to see some Sherlock action. The Abominable Bride aired on January 1st and that certainly was the best New Year’s gift any Sherlock fan could’ve hoped for.